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Nowadays science-fiction

Richard Trigaux

New!!! The 3D creations are back, with a better system!!

Science Fiction in the way of Jules Verne: with up to date scientifical data, and generous characters (continue). An incredible discovery, the quantum telescope, allows for detailed observation of planets in the whole galaxy. Life is everywhere, but only traces of civilisation remain. Why?



Let us meet for real! Name: Richard Trigaux. Artist name: Yichard Muni


Every Friday, 12pm SLT (19hTU), Elf Dream Meetings and stories, in our virtual region Daur Lysaer (How to enter)

Every Saturday, 12pm SLT (19hTU), Elf Dream Meetings and stories, in our virtual region Daur Anarie (How to enter)

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couverture planetes manquantes

The Missing Planets

In a science Colloquium in 2081, Steve and other scientists of various countries present their last astounding discovery: only traces of extraterrestrial civilisations in the Galaxy, and no actualy existing civilisation. And they just found why, or more preciselly where they are gone.

Read «The Missing Planets»



cover of The Missing Planets


Some years later, Steve discovers that the existence of an actually existing extraterrestrial civilisation had been hidden, erased in all the databases and statistics. This civilisation just awaits Earth to answer its welcome message... To avoid Steve to spread this discovery, His wife is hijacked, just when she is about to finish a spiritual retreat in the Tibetan Amnye Machen mountain range...

Read «Dumria»




Dumria is a small planet with a harsh climate, but where the inhabitants, very human looking, evolved toward a peaceful society where pleasure and beauty are the main goals, just followed by science and knowledge. But the merry and free Dumrian civilization is often felt as a provocation by all the Earthlings who are still dreaming of domination, or by all who are unable to live without all our «indispensibles» social structures. From this a certain form of anti-Dumrians racism, about which the laters have an rather unexpected reaction.

One day, the quantum communication beams are suddenly cut between the two planets. Oh, only one second, and only telecom operators notice this, together with the Shedrup Ling University which owns a private beam. But the problem is that no material object, even not a black hole, can interpose in the immaterial beam of non-local quantum telecomunication... So what?

This novel especialy unveil the extraordinary Lokuten, a thing to which no previous scifi novel prepared you...

Read «Lokuten»



The Dumria world in 3D

Dumria Antus Station



The 3D creations of this page are now accessibles in a modern virtual world, Amaryllis, based on the Halcyon simulator (derived from Second Life). See here the instructions for accessing the world. Once in the world at the indicated place, you will find, on the right:

The Dumrian subway station of Antus, leading to the other scenes:

The Dumrian shuttle

The Shedrupling University

♥ (Other creations to come)


Ancient system in VRML using Cortona: Install a 3D browser and direction for use -- Enter here with the 3D viewer Cortona This world is a scene of the third book and is a subway station of the Dumria planetary subway network. This subway hall is a very good pretext to offer various other virtual destinations (one for now, which shows only a part of a scene, the calculation mill, on left hand). The painted vault offers a nice view of a dumrian landscape, and we can see some characters. All the VRML pages of this site

The purpose of these books if basically for fun, of as much persons as possible.
But a clever fun, with today (2000) science fiction!

The great master of science fiction, Jules Verne, imagined stories based on the consequences of technical and scientific discoveries which were, in the late 19th Century, bold but realistic prospects. This approach resulted in the fact that most of these premonitions proved true, even if there were technical mistakes in the books.

At that time, physical science was a new exciting field, and also a very open field, with the discovery of entirely new things: electromagnetic rays, X rays, atoms, space... so it was legitimate that H. G. Wells imagined features like the famous green ray of «The War of the Worlds», or other «scientific» features which can be found even in the first Disney's cartoons. More recently peoples like Asimov and others realised nice pieces of work based on the consequences of robotics, or of strange mathematical properties of space.

Unfortunately, today physics is a far more closed field, in the meaning that today theories do not allow for much extrapolations, and the hyper space or gyrolasers which make the frame of movies such as «Star War» alas do not appear in physicist's equations: they are not prospects, but imaginations. They are simply ingredients required into a movie which is based on space travel, heroism and adventure. Despite the interest of such movies, there is nothing really new in Science-fiction since Wells.

However many new things still happened in physics, mainly in the field of quantum physics, with many very strange experiments, the most well known being the Aspect experiment. Thus in my own work I try to follow again the Verne's path, in putting on stage real extrapolations of real physics of the years 2000, not of 1900. The results are more interesting than expected, they could even match with «Star War». Thus I shall not be surprised if specialists undertake feasibility studies about my idea of quantum telescope, and the OWL telescope (1999) or the Planetrans (1980) are astounding but real projects. Some of my ideas such as the thermal converter of the sonic engine sound so feasible that I think it would be better to describe them in patent claims, not in novels.

An important feature in Verne's work is that it often involves fair characters and nice emotions, and even humanly warm conceptions of life and justice. This also was a concern for great scientists such as Einstein. More recently, we can find a description of non-Aristotelian logic in Van Vogt's work, and a spiritual background clearly appears in «Star War», especially with the Jedi Order and Masters.

Such spiritual, social or ecological concerns also appear in my work, and it is not at random. It is essential concerns at our epoch, and it is the basic purpose of these books to convey an hindsight in such domains. The past or nowadays spiritual data I present in these books is real, and the extrapolations such as FAE, new Tantras of collective obtentions are likely, and also very desirable.

The state of the World I describe in the late 21st century is optimistic. But this does not come from naively, and I am perfectly aware that pessimistic, see deterrent futures are also very real threats, and that the bet is still far of being won. Thus many authors describe such terrible futures, to point at the dreadful consequences of our today actions or ideas. I preferred in these novels to point at the solutions, as well as the technical solutions as the solutions in the domains of the mind and its consequences: politics, society, personal happiness.

In former works such as «The Garden of Aeoliah» I had a very utopian view. I do not deny such an approach, and could even write one day a continuation to these books, that I like very much. But in the context of my science fiction novels, I made another choice, of a pragmatic approach, showing what is within immediate range in our today Earth society. This is also very useful. Simply each of these two approaches gives its sense to the other, or better match with different persons. I clearly discuss this in my book «General Epistemology», in the first part on logic and the second part on epistemology.

Please enjoy reading, and if you feel a good energy after, please use it for any interesting purposes you may choose.