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The Elves of the Dauriath

The Elven Language.

By Yichard Muni, Elf bard


Let us meet for real! Name: Richard Trigaux. Artist name: Yichard Muni
Every friday, 12pm SLT (19hTU), Elf Dream Meetings and storytelling

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This text is a part of a larger plot, beginning with «The Kiss of the Worlds»

Index of the stories: chronological order, or ordered by creation date



Of course it is not Sindarin or Quenya, as it is another world! But it is beautiful too. Let us start with the most important to know, if ever you come in these lands:

Ia ilia manaë: I love you

Ia: I

Lia: you (second person).

Ilia: you (second person, reflexive)

Ana: love, general or spiritual

Mana: love, tender (between spouses or toward young children)

Manaë: to love. Infinitive is the general form in the present tense.

Ia ilia minga Oromë amwë: I give you the name of Oromë.

Minga: name.

Amwë: to give.

Elia minga Oromë asä: your name is Oromë.

Elia: your (second person, possessive)

Asä: to be

Anaë elia minga? Do you love your name?

Daur Asnath Anarië: place name, from an ancient sacred place in the Nyidiath, which was vibrating with a green soothing energy. But today this ancient place is destroyed by Humans for uranium mining.

Daur: literally a clearing in the woods. This ancient word was widely generalized to any place with more light than the surrounding, material or spiritual light, such as a gathering place around a fire, a place to meet friends, or, in the instance, a spiritual learning place. Several round seas of the Dauriath were called Daur.

Suffix –ath: transforms a word into a place name. See Nyidiath, Asnath, Dauriath (Place of light, as it often appears as a bright light in the sky).

Anarië: born of love. Ana: love, in the spiritual and altruistic meaning. Suffix –ar, from. Suffix -ië, originating, born.

Horiathon: from hor, dark, with the suffix -ath, place. This place was knew well before it started flowing, as being a dark place. From weighlessness, the atmosphere here is several hundred kilometres thick. Thus the sky is yellow and the sun just a pale glow, as through a fog. Clouds often make this place as dark as the night, and stars are never seen.

Dharsham Illam: official introduction to the dream life.

Illam: introduction, initiation, empowerment.

Dharsham: another ancient elven word, meaning «beautiful life»

Shantar Anar Marjun: palace of Love and kindness, also known as the Golden Palace, as it roofs are gold plated.

Marjun: A circular temple with a dome shaped roof, in the Taj Mahal style. But Elves seldom build symmetrical. Marja is also an ancient word for truth, so that a temple is literally a place where the truth is known.

The round shape symbolises the human-friendliness of the egalitarian elvish society, without hierarchy or social classes. The light architecture, often in wood, symbolises the non-attachment to materialistic values. However numerous human temples are also roofed with domes, although they are symmetrical.

Ana: love

Anar: genitive for love (of love)

Shanta: kindness

Shantar: of kindness.

Zug: A temple of rectangular plan, often massive, see fortified. One access the shrine through a succession of two antechambers and three portals or columns rows. Generally, only the priests are allowed into the shrine room, but the public can see the statue from far. This style rather symbolises the authority of the god or of the society. The Elves reserve it to MakTar, for the protective magic. There were some famous ones, often excavated into the mountain.

Listal: a white scarf meaning that the bearer is requesting to become an Elf or Elve, through the help of an elf companion. It is also used in war, like the white flag, to indicate an intent of parley or surrender.

Lis: white.

Tal: a piece of raw fabric, or even a dish towel in the Terallion customs.


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