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The Elves of the Dauriath


By Yichard Muni, Elf bard


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This text is a part of a larger plot, beginning with «The Kiss of the Worlds»

Index of the stories: chronological order, or ordered by creation date



This story happened in the worlds of the Nyidiath and the Dauriath, like my other stories of Elves. However it took place much more recently, in the modern times, only six years before the return of the Elves into the world of the Humans.



The town of Tellutaar had much changed since the sacking of the Horzug. First, it had been renamed Newtel, although many were still using the old name (which was re-established after the return of the Elves). Cars had replaced steam engines, and streets were tarred. White council flats had chased the old red brick buildings. Democracy had replaced dictatorship, although it was unable to bring more heart. Recently, the exhaustion of coal mines had brought a huge crisis, leaving in the central district many ancient building decaying, unattended. But this also allowed many new industries to start in the suburbs, which were now spreading on ten kilometres.



People were not much thinking at the Elves. The new media, radio and more recently television, were showing films where the Elves were represented as dark dangerous characters, threatening to attack the human worlds, while superheroes were shooting ten of them in a row to recover their fiancées from their grip. But the media gave no factual informations from the real elven world, the Dauriath, censored everywhere.

However the prophecy of the return of the Elves was getting close, a matter of only some years now. And real things where happening at the Horiathon passage, where the Human world and the Elven world communicate. In its slow astronomical movement, the Dauriath, the Elven world, was now touching the Human world, in such a way that there was no longer a cataract between the two, but a neck, like in a hourglass. It was still impossible to pass, as tides were creating a dangerous bore wave around the neck. But it was weakening: soon the passage would be possible, when the bore wave subsided at tide reversal. But no official preparations were made for this paramount historical event...



Instead, media propaganda was preparing defences against an Elven invasion! Around the Horiathon, modern steel warships powered by steam turbines were facing an elven fleet of wooden sail ships, still the same since the Exodus. A single shot from the huge modern guns would crush them like matchboxes. So that it was rather looking as a preparation for a planned invasion of the elven lands and their huge resources, to relieve an overcrowded polluted human world. Numerous aircraft reconnaissance over the Dauriath were already attempted, despite the warnings of the elven embassies, without encountering the least resistance. The only «little detail» which worried the strategists is that none of the aircrafts going beyond the horizon over the Dauriath ever returned, or sent any radio message to tell what happened.



Ordinary people in Newtel however, were only interested by their daily life: work, transportation, shopping, house chores. Their only purpose was to spend their evenings in pubs or in dance clubs, and drink or smoke varied drugs in order to escape this purposeless life and think to anything else, or to nothing. Others were playing pinballs or watching films showing black clothed Elves with slanted eyes hijacking gorgeous blonde ladies.



Lillian seemed to be just another of these ordinary youngsters, clothed like everybody (how to do otherwise when all the stores sell the same thing). However she was not satisfied with this life. When her parents allowed her in town, she was quickly bored of her mates wanting her to drink and «have fun» with substances which only made her sick.



She wanted to speak of other things, for instance of astronomy, where tantalizing discoveries were made, hinting at fantastic other worlds. But starting such a conversation was hard, and always fell at once into despising or ignorant remarks. She would like to get out of town, to see trees and mountains. But she had no money to buy a car, and the only greenery around were in former factories, where concrete blocks and pits remained, sometimes showing warnings of buried toxic chemicals. Trees and bushes had grown free in these forlorn places, which were cheaply made into squares and parks. But the feeling was rather ugly, as of a death place. By day, all kinds of people went here, including families with children. But at night it was rather dangerous, especially for women... and for men too!



So clearly Lillian was wishing for something else, something with nature and people speaking of interesting things. Well, she was not thinking at Elves at all, as she, like everybody, believed that they were evil creatures invented by movies makers. At best, they were some thousands of primitive hermits living in huts on the Dauriath, but the media were giving very few factual information on them. Especially none of the numerous detailed telescope surveys of the Dauriath were ever shown, defence classified as it was said.



What she could do however was going to a music club. She wished to become a composer, but she had to go first through all the tedious learning of musical theory and getting her hands used to the instruments. Unfortunately all the lessons were late the evening, and for a worker this is often an impassable obstacle. So she bought a book, but could not afford any instrument. She could go to the club on the weekend, but there was always a reason for others to use the instruments instead of her. So her training was painfully slow...

Her wish was to be able of conveying the wonderful emotions she had in her heart. But at this rate she would need years before producing a single melody. But still, it was her wish. So she was gathering savings for buying an instrument...



The only person who really helped her was Ishtlan, a beautiful young man with regular tanned face, black eyes and black hairs. He was often wandering in the club, speaking with everybody around, and meeting with new members. He played well, and sang with a beautiful and emotional voice. So she wished to be like him, able of transmitting beautiful emotions. In the beginning, Ishtlan was not much interested into helping her specially (there were hundred of other members, and many were much more promising), but little by little she could show her dedication, and this attracted his attention. So he started to counsel her, and spending more and more time with her.



Their relation became friendly, and even sentimental. She was happy to see him, and he showed much interest into her. She was first troubled with this attraction, thinking that it was only because of his physical beauty. But she soon realized that he was really understanding the emotions and beautiful life she wanted to transmit.



In the club yearly feast, there were, like everywhere, alcohol and pills making people sick or stunned. She looked at Ishtlan, but he never touched any, and he kept all his faculties. Anyway he left as soon as it was deemed polite to leave, and in any case before people started to wriggle on the ground. So she left also.



She ended to be able to buy a kind of simple organ. For Ishtlan, it was just a toy, but at least it rendered a warm sound. And it made that Ishtlan started to come in her home! Here, they were free to speak of what they wanted, without automatically having stupid remarks from other members. She discovered a man with a rich and deep mind, sharing all her concerns on life, beauty, nature, astronomy, and all. She did not realized first, but when she mentioned Elves, repeating the usual media prejudices, he just replied evasively. But this was a common behaviour at this epoch.



Things could become romantic at this point, but something else happened. The CEO of her company went interested with her. He took her in his office, asking what she was interested in life, and smiling with approbation. She did not dared to completely open her heart to this grey suited man, but she spoke of music and living in nature, and he seemed to approve. He explained that she would no longer need to work, and he would offer her all the instruments she needed. He had a property in the ancient Tellutaar town (today the luxury district) and another in the countryside, with plenty of trees, so that she could spend her time here, wandering in the park, or playing music.

This was an interesting proposal, not to be rejected lightly. This man was still nice, despite his late forties, and he kept smiling to her. However she hesitated... he was of the alien and bizarre world of rich people! Something was subtly wrong, without she realized what. Naively, she spoke to Ishtlan, that she was still considering as a friend, no more. The later seemed not to mind of her adventure, and he did not commented. And he continued his music lessons.

She was making progress into playing, getting her hands nimble on the keyboard, to play fast enough. She was also knowing enough theory to try some composition of her own. Ishtlan corrected some notes here and there, and it indeed looked better, more serene and beautiful.



CEO side, he invited her in his luxury villa, on top of the ancient Tellutaar. The evening seemed nice, with smiles, bright lighting, warm heating and all. He was perfect, introducing her to his servants. Food and drinks were excellent. But the home was so clean, that she felt herself dirty, out of place. The place was refusing her, she would never feel at home here! The servants were not speaking to her, just replying her questions, and she felt very awkward at commanding them, as of something unnatural. He made her visit the home, including several bedrooms, but made clearly feel that some closed doors were off limits, not her business. Of course, he proposed some alcohol or drugs. Not the same kind of the popular ones, more luxury ones. She refused, and felt ashamed to do so... we don't refuse to a CEO, even out of office! He seemed sad for this, and he clearly marked his disappointment when she asked to leave... It was late and she still had to work!



Some days later, she described her adventure to Ishtlan. He did not really helped her, saying instead that she had to sort out her feelings about this man... of course, a luxury life, without work... but was it really what she wished? Spending her life locked in with servants not speaking to her? He even not spoke of music with her!

Instead of commenting, Ishtlan started to allude to a home in the country, where some friends were living. Oh, it was rather an old farm, with brick walls, where they just recently installed electricity. But there was a gang of merry people here, doing farming, music and painting. Around were forests and fields... Lillian was enthralled, and she wished she could join such a marvellous place... but for this she had to abandon her work, with no guarantees to find another if things went wrong!



At work, precisely, the CEO was making a more and more assiduous court, even in the front of everybody, making Lillian feel bad. He invited her again in the luxury home, and Lillian hesitated a lot... She finally went, but things went even further: he clearly wanted to invite her in one of the bedrooms. So this was the condition for the luxury life... Clearly it was not what she wanted. She at once asked to leave alone, and she went down all the ancient Tellutaar main street, to the new town, more than one hour march late in the night. In doing so, she went along places we saw in former stories, like the barracks were the Elven council took place, today a residential park. A lone tower for the tourist office was all what remained of the ancient courts and jails. Only things which did not changed were bawling of drunken people in pubs, and women clothed in potatoes nets looking at her with anger. And this constant feeling of danger for women, insisting looks, steps following her all the time...



Next day was not a work day, and Ishtlan arrived in her home without warning. She was happy to see him, feeling no trouble or danger with him. They remained all day long together, speaking of all kinds of nice things, music, nature and friends. Ishtlan gave more descriptions of his farm, and his friends here. They had a music room in a barn, and no neighbours close by, so that they could do all the noise and false notes they wanted! In the afternoon, they went together to the music club, but as it had become the rule, a noisy group was using all the instruments for preparing their GREAT CONCERT. Without a glance to Lillian, they asked Ishtlan to make a background voice, but he declined. What they played was just the usual mindless stuff they were hearing all day in the radio, so why bother to reproduce it?



Ishtlar proposed Lillian to have a weekend in his farm with his friends, instead of this useless fight with the club members for using the instruments. They had a small car, that they used at times to do shopping in town, so that they could take her. She accepted readily!



Next morning, at work, another secretary woman was working besides Lillian, as usual. They exchanged smiles, while speaking of superficial things. Suddenly the secretary handed the phone handset to Lillian: «somebody wants to speak to you». Lillian was astonished, expecting nobody. But then she heard in the phone an extremely angry woman, who at once started to tell her the worse obscene insults we can think at... Flabbergasted, she just could repeat «hello» again and again, wondering who was this woman and why she was so angry after her. Trembling, she ended to hook back the handset, questioning the secretary with her eyes.

«His wife» she replied.

As Lillian was too stunned to reply, she added:

«He wants to divorce of her, he thinks she's got too old. He wants a youngster like you». There was no need for explanations. In this time, divorce was still forbidden, despite regular jousts in the parliament. But rich people were above the law, as usual...

Later this day, the CEO quickly passed through the office, without a look to Lillian. Probably he had found another woman, much more interested by the luxury life, and ready to pay the «cost». And she was not bothering him with music, and not shy at commanding the servants...



At the end of the week, she found a letter from her company: she was fired, for some fancy accusation of professional misconduct. She knew it was useless to discuss. It was very bad for her, as it would be very difficult to find another job, after such accusations. In two months she would be a tramp. The CEO was taking a terrible revenge for her refusal!



Then Ishtlan came along, right at this moment, walking leisurely and smiling as if nothing bad ever happened in the whole universe. He wore a red shirt, and he had left his black hairs grow a bit, looking much better and giving him a Maya style.

«I lost my job!» she cried before him.

«Oh, then you are free, he replied. Free of this useless paperwork sucking your life!

-I... I don't understand... like this I lose everything, I have no money, no home... It is a catastrophe, for me!

-Haha, not. Nothings ties you to the town, now. You are free to move anywhere... like in our farm!


-Yes, you can live here, and spend your time learning music, with very good teachers and instruments, and do anything else when you are tired of music. Forget this darn music club, entirely choked by this gang of media bleaters.

-But money?? without any...


-Don't bother for this. We have. Not much, but enough for being free to spend time into useful things, instead of losing our life scraping useless paper, locked into offices. You know, we don't like the money system, but it is so easy to cheat, that we, say, arranged some things, for the good to thrive. Oh, don't be afraid, nothing illegal or dishonest, just some wise timing or decisions, ha ha!»



Lillian had two months to think at Ishtlan's proposal, before being unable to pay her rent and being expelled of her home. So she accepted his invitation for visiting the farm... the next weekend.



At first, it looked poor and small: old pink tiles roof and yellowish lime walls, covered with ivy. The only modern items were a pole for phone and electricity, and a gravel alley leading to the garage. Under the rain, if was looking cold and unwelcoming. But the low buildings were extending further under the trees, so that there was much more place than expected. The main room, especially, was dug under the ground level, with windows above this level, so that it was in facts huge.



But here were Ishtlan's friends! About a dozen young people, including two children, who warmly greeted her! They allowed her to visit the place, gardens, workshops, dining room and all. The building was looking very ancient, but well maintained and adapted to modern items. Work was going on in some rooms to hide the electric wires, or to add insulation. Outdoors, it was the same: no barbed wire fences, but hedges or dry stone walls protecting the garden, with flowers and climbing plants. There seemed to be always some work going on here and there. Further were some fields, with a tractor and tools. Between the fields and the woods, were some animal pens: two horses and some hens and ducks. But she learned that they were not livestock, but pets. Once the horses pulled the plow, but with the tractor, they were now enjoying a deserved retirement!



They shared the midday meal, speaking merrily of all kinds of things. But they also cared a lot to ask her what was interesting her, a thing nobody ever did before! So she started cautiously with astronomy, where they seemed very learned. Later they showed her a lot of science reviews they had, so that she needed several days for reading all! They even had a project of buying a small telescope...

After this, she went speaking of a better life... her wish of a beautiful world of kind people. They replied in a very simple way, while smiling: she had found it!

Later in the afternoon, they moved to their rooms or workshops, or the little school for the two children. She was a bit alone again, but Ishtlan accompanied her in the woods around. For the first time in her life, she could freely enjoy true nature, under the dripping canopy of trees, harbouring numerous plants and flowers.



When she departed, the sun had come back, making the landscape all merry again. But she felt sad, to leave such a wonderful place. Because she was still thinking she had to come back in town, and find another work!



So as soon as the next day, she went to the unemployment agency. But they wanted her to follow a «psychological rehabilitation program»... which turned out to be a systematic humiliation, and a lame attempt to make her become «normal», thinking only at searching for work... knowing that she was anyway barred everywhere, from the fancy accusations!

So that, only two weeks after, she decided to move to the farm. In doing so, she saved one month of rent. Ishtlan and two friends came with the car, to help her move her few belongings, under the angry look of the caretaker. She even spoke them bad words, for some reasons Lillian could not guess. Ishtlan's friends carefully avoided to reply to this seemingly gratuitous provocation, even saying her a merry «bye bye» when departing. One of them even added a mischievous «we shall be back soon» which seemed especially upsetting for the caretaker! Lillian wondered why she was so angry, but it was not unusual to see inhabitants of the town going angry without any guessable reason, so that she did not much bothered.



In the evening of that fantastic day, Lillian was installed in her new bedroom. It was not large, but cosy and easy to warm, with a small table for writing and doing things. Just after installing her and before leaving her alone, Ishtlan spoke to her.

«So it seems that all your wishes are accomplished, now!

-Err, yes... This is a wonderful day... I hope we are all happy together!

-Hmm, yes... but my own wish is not yet accomplished yet, he said.

-Your wish? What is it about?

-Hmmm... I think it is up to you to find out. Have a good night» and he departed, smiling mysteriously.



The first weeks in the farm were a marvellous time of discoveries for Lillian. Despite finding several other friends, she went closer to Ishtlan, who remained her music teacher. And he was the only celibate too.



But soon, she noticed several mysterious things.

First, they had a closed office, where they spend time, sometimes all together.

Second, there were other farms. And other people.

Sometimes they came here, and they had merry meeting. Once they were forty in a kind of celebration! Of course they played a lot of music and singing. Lillian had now nimble enough fingers to play with them of several simple instruments, and she started the difficult violin.



But while they were merrily partying, some locked themselves into the secret office...



Another thing which much intrigued her is that each was taking only one light meal a day, when she needed three good ones. They were taking turns, however, so that there was always somebody with her. She even was worried for the children, but they looked well fed and full of energy. Perfect children, with plenty of energy, yet disciplined and serious at learning.

Other curious detail if that there were no old people among them. They all seemed from 18 to 30, sometimes 40, but never more. Even one couple who often came visiting them were actually Ishtlan's parents! It was incredible, as they did not looked older than him...



One day, Ishtlan went with news of her former CEO. The bloke had found what he looked for: a gorgeous lady with blonde hairs flowing down her thighs, and a wriggling small bum to damn a saint. And ready to pay the «price» without hesitating a second... But what the guy did not realized, is that his ugly desire soon made him a slave of her! In only a matter of six months, she ruined him, and then she dropped him! And now, without money, he had lost his high class privileges, and no lawyer was helping him to distort the law for the divorce. So he had no other alternative than returning with his wife, and bear the morals.

Lillian first laugh from her revenge, but then she wondered: how Ishtlan knew so many details?



The winter made them closer of each other. And what had to happen ended to happen: Lillian and Ishtlan fell in love. To be frank, she knew her feeling from the beginning. But after such an adventure as with her CEO, it had become much more difficult for her to open her intimacy to a man. She needed time to heal the wound. On the bright side, their daily meditations helped her a lot to recentre her emotions.



The morning of their first night together, he took her in his arms, and smiled.

«Now we can speak. You can fulfil my wish.

-We can speak of what?

-All these secret meetings and locked office.

-I can know because we slept together? That is odd.

-Not directly. But there is a common point to everything. It is funny that you did not guessed at all.


-We are Elves.


-H-hmm, yes. You probably imagined Elves as in the dark films, all clothed in black latex, witch cruel eyes, fangs and claws, always plotting against the government and hijacking blonde women for doing sex experiments on them...

-That is... not even... I even not though Elves existed at all!

-Haha, that is better than believing we are bad! You did not guessed at all?

-Well, I guessed you were some secret group... of friends... I imagined... you know, in this world, beautiful things have to hide, while nasty things speak high in the radio, and now in the TV... This, I understand, and I though you just hide the usual persecutions. But Elves, no, indeed, I had no idea that it could exist for real, and what they are. Well, I... what I see is nice, I like it!»

Lillian attracted Ishtlan against her, and pressed him in her arms.

«It is wonderful to live with Elves»

Then: «And the Elves in the Dauriath, they are your friends?»


-But... thousands of hermits living in huts... How can they save our world?

-Oh, they are a little more... and they do not really live in huts... The government knows it well, because they have sent spy planes, with powerful cameras. But as usual, they prefer not to see what they do not want to see, hihihi! Even their own generals recommend them to be careful, but they do not listen to them! So, us...»



Then she asked:

«But how can we love each other, if we are of different races?

-Haha just like with everybody!

-Err no, I meant, what will happen of us?

-That is simple, and this is how we come to my own wish in the story. By loving an Elf, you will become an Elve too. It is already started, you already eat much less than in the beginning.

-Become an... well, how I do that? Hahaha!

-You don't need to do anything special, just continue loving life and respecting people. All other settings will be made automatically, by the magic of Shelenaë.

-Magic? Wow! It does not exist... what... who is Shelenaë?

-Shelenaë is our mother goddess. All this was preserved in the secret.

-But it is... unbelievable! These are things of the past... Still existing today in our modern world?

-Haha, you will soon see, now that you made your choice visible to all.

-And your wish, in there?

-Well, I could marry another Elve... merry Jody, gorgeous Sweetlana, wonderful Carlina... but the wish I made was to marry instead an Human woman, to make her become an Elve. And now you accepted... Not all Human women do, alas. So now my own wish is fulfilled too. in some minutes everybody will know... And you will soon see what happens in your meditation and in your dreams, now. You will no longer ask any question.»



Indeed, some minutes later, in the morning meal, the whole community, more two visitors, cheered Lillian and Ishtlan...



And yes, starting from this moment, Lillian felt different, her mind much clearer, her emotions much deeper and intense, yet more controlled. Shelenaë did not moved in person to greet her, but she had enough evidences to no longer ask any questions!



She reconciled with the secret meetings and other bizarre rituals serving their world. She was not entrusted in however, because in an hostile world, it is better than some things are known only by the ones who need to know them. But she learned a lot on the elven fraternity which was spreading in an hidden network of anonymous places like this one. They wore short hairs and clothed like other Humans, but to the smart eye the difference was obvious.



Lillian and Ishtlan spent several happy years here, building the new world to come (the prophecy was closing up fast). Until something unexpected happened: Ishtlan was researched by the police! Of course he never did anything bad, but some people suspected he was an Elf, and complicated accusations were made, so that he risked to spend many years in jail before being found innocent. Worse, the enquiry may put its nose where not needed, and compromise a lot of other things.



So the solution was simple: moving as fast of possible to the Dauriath!



However the Horiathon was still impassable, with its collar of white foam separating the endless dance of the two facing war fleets.



But this was not much alarming the Elves. First, the secret room was emptied in some minutes of anything compromising, and turned into a very ordinary accounting office. Then Ishtlan, his parents and Lillian moved very fast, in a perfectly prepared fashion, to a harbour. They entered a container boat through a hatch under the hull, joining in the process two High Elves travelling to the Dauriath! Their compartment was cold, low and they had to avoid making noise, not to be spotted by the sailors. But it was perfectly hidden in the bottom of the hull, without any hatch or pipe toward the holds of the ship, so that nobody could suspect its presence, even not the custom officers searching ships. The whole hiding was extremely elaborated: the boat was belonging to a company, itself belonging to a rich man who was secretly an Elf. Only the captain and officers were in the know.



Then one night, while they were cruising near the Horiathon, a small submarine came attach itself to the hatch, to board all six passengers! From here it was easy to sneak right under the Human war ships, toward the Horiathon itself. A skilful sailor guided the submarine in such a way to pass at the exact centre of the neck, and avoid being pulled outside by the violent eddies. Then the submarine plunged again, on the Dauriath side! From here, it came under one of the wooden ships, attach to another hatch and unload its passengers and some cargo. Then it took only three hour to reload in air and batteries. In the low gravity of the Horiathon, it could plunge very deep, maybe a hundred kilometres. But the mysterious bottom of the ocean was much deeper here.



This is how Lillian entered the Dauriath, the world of the Elves! She was flabbergasted by this Rocambolesque evasion, but especially very happy to enter the magical land!

Their ship, the Marëëska as she was named, was really a wooden ship. However in the inside, a small generator was powering electric light and modern radio equipment. It also had a diesel engine, although not powerful enough for a full speed navigation. But in the general look, it was still very elvish, with sculpted beams and painted ceilings. The hull was white with threads of purple, each ship having a different pattern. It had the warmth and cosiness of a luxury ship, rather than the functional coldness of a military ship. However this apparent luxury had nothing to do with the empty arrogance of money, it was the warm purity of the Elves, populated with beautiful and human-friendly objects. The crew too was behaving in a very kind and elvish way, wearing ample clothes where only insignia told their army role.

Invited in the command room, Lillian could have a close view of the dreadful Horiathon. The ocean where they sat was not flat, but had an overall cone shape like a mountain, while the Nyidiath formed a similar black cone above, point down, into the sky. At the junction of the two points, a foamy bore wave was churning violently, with the tide flowing alternatively from one word to the other. Of this monstrous breath was depending the Prophecy, and the destiny of the two worlds...

«It is very low today, with the tide».

It was extremely odd to see the steel warships, seeming to hang from the black ceiling above them, their red and amber lights looking like big stars. And, in this breathtaking cataclysmic landscape, they seemed so out of place and uncouth...

«Poor blokes, if they knew... the submarine could blow them all up, before they realize what happen» started Ishtlan. But a senior officer replied:

«Of course, we could do this... but we shall not start such an ugly new kind of warfare. We have something much better and much cleaner. If I was them, I would flee at once.

-Will they die? Asked Lillian.

-This may happen. They know it. Each sailor was told individually in his dreams, before signing up his contract. The ancient warning was not removed. Anybody entering unauthorized in our sacred land faces life detention, men and women apart, or death if we cannot do otherwise. Only the re-opening of the Horiathon will replace detention by expulsion.

-We do not want our lands to be taken again, said another officer. I was in Terallion eight centuries ago. I remember the exodus, our houses gutted, our wives and daughters raped, the painful march, children dying in the way. This will not happen again, and this time we shall do anything is needed to avoid this. And today we have the means to do it. It will be very fast, with little actual fight.»



Two days later, the Marëëska sailed away from the Horiathon, replaced by another.



This is how Lillian accomplished all her wishes, well beyond any expectation. She went to live to the true elven lands, with wonderful sculpted and painted houses into virgin forests resounding with birds. She went in a land where everybody is a friend, as kind and close as a lover!



But she also went beyond the horizon of the Dauriath, the hidden part which is not visible from the Nyidiath... And she at once realised why the small elven army was so confident! The Elves had not lost time in seven centuries!



Two years after, the Horiathon re-opened, allowing for travels in both ways. Lillian and Ishtlan were able to return safely to the Nyidiath, after the dreadful defeat of the Human fleet in the brief Horiathon battle, which forced a new political stance allowing for the Elves to freely travel and live into the Human world. The prophecy was accomplished, even if it still took two centuries for the Humans to freely accept the beauty of the elven world. But this is another story...




The end


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The generation of this story

This story was written especially for the Second fantazy art fest in 2013, organized in Inworldz by the elven group «Elf Clan». The theme of this fest is «wishing», hence the regular appearance of this word.



Scenario, graphics, sounds, colours, realization: Richard Trigaux (Unless indicated otherwise).

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