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The Elves of the Dauriath

Index of the stories, by creation order

Index by chronological order

By Yichard Muni, Elf bard


Let us meet for real! Name: Richard Trigaux. Artist name: Yichard Muni
Every friday, 12pm SLT (19hTU), Elf Dream Meetings and storytelling

in our virtual region Lysaer (How to enter)

In our virtual region Daur Anarie in Alternate Metaverse! (How to enter)

Elf Dream has its site, it is active in the virtual worlds Sovaria, Alternate Metaverse, and present in Second Life, Mewe, Discord, Facebook.


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Story or event

Date and place in the world

Date and place of creation

VRML was the first system for creating virtual worlds. I mention it here to point out that SL (Second Life) was not the one who started it: better creation tools existed before. At that time, I was already active with the stories of the Eolis and of Dumria. VRML was forgotten (or sabotaged) due to the lack of a suitable browser.

1998-2004 VRML

Second Life saw a significant community of Elves called «Elf Circle» following the release of the film «The Lord of the Rings», creating a strong egregore conducive of inspiration. However, the community eventually faded due to personal problems and excruciating SL costs. In 2008, Second Life shifted its focus away from professionals and reoriented itself towards its new niche: rich people able to pay $209 per month for a leisure.

2006-2011 Second Life

The Kiss of the Worlds

3232 Exodus, Nyidiath

2008 Elf Circle in Second Life

Midsummer love 1
and 2

3170 Tellutaar town

2008 bardic contest in Elf Circle, in Second Life

Marly and Shelene

3780 Nyidiath

2008 Elf Circle lands in Second Life

The spooklight

3860 Dauriath

2008 Elf Circle lands in Second Life

Jaime and Zetna

3300 Blue Mountains, Marjun temple

January 2009 in Second Life, Elf Circle special bardic event

Jaime and Zetna 2

3310 Dauriath

Second Life, date lost

Nellio and Mellorea

3330 Dauriath, Garmalen

2009 in Second Life

In the Marjun

3340 Blue Mountains, Anar Shantar Marjun temple


2009 in Second Life

Ashnar and Elmerae

3400 Dauriath

June 13, 2009 Elf Circle lands in Second Life

Rock of Time

3500 Dauriath

2009 Elf Circle lands in Second Life


2410 An island in the Middle Ocean

March 2011, Elf Circle in Second Life

Milly Mountain

3200 in Milly Mountain island in the Dauriath

2012 in Second Life, on request

Fahrad and Mithylia

3182, Second Exodus started, Nyidiath

About 2013, improvized in Second Life and put in literacy form in Inworldz

Starting around 2010, Inworldz gathered the discontent of Second Life, offering a superior simulator called Halcyon. It also was a vibrant community conducive to inspiration, which allowed me to resume my work within my own group, «Elf Dream» The downfall of Inworldz came from defamation and various management errors.

2011-2018 Inworldz

The story of MakTar and Shelenaë

-6000 in the Blue Mountains

2012 in Inworldz, on special request for an event

Wandering Elves of the Sea

-3400 the First Exodus, south country of the Skriggath

2012 in Inworldz

Midsummer love 3

3180 Arrival in the Dauriath

In Inworldz, date lost


2420 An island in the Middle Ocean

About 2012 in Inworldz

The sacking of the Black Temple (the Horzug)

3770 Nyidiath Tellutaar

Novembre 2012, in an event in Inworldz


3890 Tellutaar town, Nyidiath

2013; Fantazy art fest organized by Elf Clan, in Inworldz

Wandering Elves of the sea 2

3300 Middle Ocean

2013 Inworldz, Gypsies lands

The Horiathon battle

3896, many places

date lost, Inworldz

Amaryllis and Enchanted attempted to recreate the Inworldz community. However, a scam put an quick end to both of them.

2018-2021 Amarylis and Enchanted

Iraen 1

3150 Shamal Humak Mountains

2020 in Amaryllis

Iraen 2

3915 In Kondo, Dauriath

2020 in Amaryllis

Sovaria Estates is an ongoing attempt to recreate a virtual world self-managed by its users, and based on the Inworldz simulator: Halcyon. Alternate Metaverse is an OpenSim-based world created by a former friend from Inworldz. Both of them allow me to continue this work.

2021-present Sovaria Estates and Alternate Metaverse

Shelenaë's paradise

2425 Shelenaë's paradise

2023 in Sovaria Estates

Dimah and Djindjinah

3888 Near the Arlit, in the Dauriath

2023, Sovaria and Alternate Metaverse

Ethel Delle

3255 New Terralion, in the Dauriath

2022 in Sovaria and Alternate Metaverse

Irinaël Light

-3400 The First Exodus, from the Blue Mountains to the Shamal

2023 Sovaria Estates

The Gold of the Elves

3915 and after, In Kondo, Dauriath

2023, in Project


3190 Arrival in the Dauriath

In Sovaria and Alternate Metaverse, December 2023

Flight 1846

3896 Several years around the Horiathon battle

In Sovaria and Alternate Metaverse, December 2023

Sojen 2

3190 Arrival in the Dauriath

Not yet created

Documentation: the religions

Dictionnary of the langage

Dictionnary of the characters

Dictionnary of the places

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Scenario, graphics, sounds, colours, realization: Richard Trigaux (Unless indicated otherwise).

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