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Manifesto for a fully useable
Virtual worlds system

Last update: Sept 15, 2009

This manifesto is a response to fact which much astonished me: very few people seem to really understand the stakes and possibilities of virtual worlds. The wantonly closure of the «Deuxième Monde», the absurd management of Second Life (For instance when Linden Labs broke their most successful product the «open spaces», which very predictably resulted into the loss of much content and users), the very surprising inability of Google to provide an interesting system with «Lively», the shyness of IBM and Orange, all this points at a serious misunderstanding of what people do with virtual worlds.

Wondering what was going on, I conducted into Second Life some open discussions on «what people use virtual worlds for». Of course each attendee had his reply on what HE was doing, but only his peculiar one. There was no synthetic understanding on what virtual worlds can be used for, and especially not in which way they could be so helpful for the evolution of the persons and of the society. However an embryonic version of this manifesto was welcomed as an eye-opener by all the attendees. So I felt it would be useful to propose this full version, in order to foster a real understanding of what virtual words can be used for, and the conditions to achieve their full useability for all these purposes.


I wrote this manifesto as a sudden inspiration, the night of Christmas 2008. May it be a wonderful gift for everybody.


Reading it after, I realized that it is much more often speaking of control and discipline than of elvish marvel. However we must not misunderstand this: that everybody could have a marvellous experience is possible only if it is not wasted by beginners bugs, absurd management, or hopeless blokes who only come to be unpleasant (griefers). From here this manifesto, and also my position of guard into the Elves of Second Life. For that there could also be artists and bards telling inspiring beautiful stories...


New: (August 15, 2009): The manifesto now has its own dedicated site where I shall be more free to develop the idea.



Concise version (for all)

Detailed version (technical): moved on the site


Technical complements:

Definition of the WEM protocol

Definition of the NRMP Internet protocol.

Moral charter of the Character Hosting Companies and of the WEM management


And now?


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Detailed version

The detailed version was moved on the site of the WEM and of the Kailye



Definition of the WEM protocol

The content of this part was moved to the site of the WEM and of the Kailye



Definition of the NRMP protocol


The content of this part was moved to the site of the WEM and of the Kailye



Moral charter of the WEM companies and the WEM management


The content of this part was moved to the site of the WEM and of the Kailye


And Now??


My job for now is to propose these clear guidelines.


To start this project requires a team of several persons who understand it, and are keen to involve, in order to become the International Virtual Worlds Management Council. I shall not accept inhuman geeks, puritans or people who think we can do anything we want.


To start this project will also require a serious engineers team, some money, say some tens of millions dollars, in order to define and test standards, develop a viewer, simulator and server software, launch a first Character Hosting Company, a first platform, and running it until reaching the turnover point. This sum is very few, compared to the huge amounts of money left unproductive or wasted into nonsensical things.


I don't fear the competition of Second Life. A buggy sim in Second Life, with the implicit roleplay of Linden Labs, costs 295 dollars a month, when french web hosting company OVH offers 2D servers of similar capacity at about 40 dollars a month, without any ideological prerequisite. The real price for 3D servers will probably settle in some average between the two. My guess is about 100 dollars in the beginning. Later, independent 3D servers cost will drop near the level of 2D servers. The equivalent in a serviced and policed platform will be about twice, while still retaining a large share of the customers. If in more we bring a better technical service, correct customer support and efficient discipline, most creators in Second Life will rush on any better solution. Users will follow as soon as there are some interesting communities running. If Linden Labs reacts in time, and lower prices while bringing its technical and human services to a correct level, then the purpose of this page will be fulfilled in another way... :-D