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From Nathan Coppedge, USA, The 16 March 2006:

Poetical 3D Game


My interest in the future of gaming has continued with my current project, Archemesis, which I have begun with the help of the TADS text-adventure design system. I know people are generally discouraged from publishing intellectually oriented games, as it has the potential to drive people crazy amongst other things. Nevertheless there tends to be an intellectual aspect to poetry, and if someone is looking for a voyage into the mysterious unknown, poetry is essential. As someone who believes that mysterious adventures with art are one of the best things in life, I can't help but publish a game with an intellectual slant. "Of course the game is boring: you're not thinking!" A preview of my game, some of the literature of which I may attempt to turn into a book, is available on my website



From Nathan Coppedge, USA, February 10, 2004:

Poetical 3D Game


It seems to me that considerable diverting moments could be spent filling in personal information contained in some zone relative to a collection of newly developed worlds. What I mean is that as soon as VR hits the market, and there is a little room for a kind of elite that favors the less psychologically damaging games, people will be free to meet each other on the basis of their interest in a somewhat shared utopian counter-reality. Music and poems could be shared or organized by an AI for a wider audience. There is a specific personality that this hopefully emerging reality will favor. And I have hopes that its approximately myself, among others. I\'m slightly dizzy at the prospect. Regards to any chance observer, Nathan Coppedge



From Nathan L. Coppedge , USA, January 6, 2004:

Future of gaming-poetry and dreamstate to «higher experience»


I don't know if anyone here has heard of the AgoraXchange project. It is an international attempt to create a role-playing game that will use progressive social modalities/social structures to produce a different, progressive online collective. (I wont call it only a gaming experience because I know that in my case the potential of a gaming universe is beginning to be fundamental to the future of my own imagination...) I am excited about the future of the virtual experience and feel that this project is the beginning of something that will become very big. Please if anyone wants to try my game "Advent" at my website, it isn't true VR but it uses some of the senses I have of a softer and more humane environs (to spirit as well as ergonomics or whatever). It is good to see that I'm not the only one thinking of these things. In a world I will say polluted with Quake experiences (I was an avid fan myself but see it now as producing a criminal mentality) there is a DESPERATE NEED to move forward, towards a softer and more spiritual gaming experience. As (Richard) has said, this new reality depends on the existence and cooperation of higher spiritual thinkers. While there are bound to be numerous disasters in this shifting of consciousness, I have a hope that a seperate and new theatre or thoughtspace can become real. -- Nathan L. Coppedge


Hello Nathan, I visited your site and found the concept interesting. It is not 3D, but also a sort of virtual world. I want to encourage you. Why are there no more such initiatives? Richard