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New epidemics and basic hygiena


Recent news (SARS) remind us that new epidemics (SARS, AIDS...) could, at any time, cause million deaths (like the spanish flu did) and even threaten the very survival of our civilization. Science seems unable to prevent this, and genetics could even create new risks. However free, simple and efficient solutions exist, here and now, to block the propagation of epidemics, or at least to significantly improve our chances of not being among the victims.


The problem today

Future could be still worse

False solutions

The true solutions

Or at least to protect ourselves individually.

Recent news on avian or swine flu

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The problem today


In 1918, the spanish flu killed 21 millions peoples in the world. Every year, the «benign» flu claims tens of thousands lives (20 000 in the USA) and keeps all of us stuck in bed several weeks a year. The AIDS epidemics is now out of control, even if it could be very simple to protect us. The recent SARS epidemics, despites a contagion rate weaker that the flu (seemingly) provoked a world wide psychosis, but this fear however did not incited much people to take efficient steps.

Frequent travels and new ways of life cut off nature, already strongly improved the odds for a new epidemics to spread in the world in some weeks, see in some days. Worse, viruses and bacteria mutate constantly, exchange gens, or suddenly wake up from natural reservoirs where they were sleeping since millions years. There is thus a constant risk of the appearance of new diseases, against which we would have no immunity. At any moment, in some weeks, see in some days, an unknown epidemic could sweep the world and take millions lives, disorganize our societies, and even make our civilisations disappear.


Future could be still worse


But the greatest dangers come from the genetic sciences.

The point here is not to reject genetics, but to be aware of some facts:

To create artificial viruses is a technics used as a routine in public or private labs. The necessary technology is within reach of a government, a rich person, or any great organization (As seen with the Raël sect, technically and financially able to try cloning). To create a new dangerous virus is within reach of thousands of persons in the world. Some of these peoples could even be unknown, or with very unexpected motives.

We immediatelly think to the biological warfare, theoretically forbidden, but labs could easily continue to work on it confidencially, on the command of governments, or without their knowledge. Horrible collections of diseases exist, hold by public organisms, by private firms, even sometimes by simple individuals (Daan Goosen case, South Africa).

Certain politicians complacently added fuel to the fear of anthrax or variola. In facts these diseases are not very dangerous, as they do not propagate easily, and only in dreadful hygiena conditions, happily disappeared of most countries.

But a real hazard comes from bacterias or viruses which propagate easily, even in the mild hygiena conditions which prevail in western countries, such as flu, cold, gastroenteritis, which strike us every years.


Fascist governments, rich nutters, terrorists groups, sects, and even simple lab workers, could try to launch deadly or disabling epidemics, or to do «jokes» such as modifying benigne viruses to make them produce various substances active on the human body and mind. Imagine what could be the results of a viagra flux, or a LSD cold... Bacteria modified by pharmaceutic compagnies could leak by accident (so they shall leak). For instance escherishia coli producing insuline would provoque a serious disease, contagious, and difficult to cure. Besides such an accident, Tchernobyl would be just a gentle joke.

To speak clearly, we could face in some years a situation similar to that of Internet, where each day could see a new disease, in an enslessly series of parades and counter-attacks.

So there is really the need to a global solution, which coult twart any epidemics from its very start, whatever viruse is involved..


The false solutions


Panic. To take violent or discriminatory steps against people or groups who would be presented as «responsible» of the disease, or against persons who would refuse useless or abusive measures, or against people who would try to apply true solutions.

Secrecy. Certain governments, «Not to create a panic», or not to look unable, would try to hide the beginning of an epidemics (SARS in China). But it is preciselly at the beginning that we can efficiently gain control on an epidemics.

Waiting, or take delaying steps. In an epidemics, efficient decisions are to be taken as soon as the first hours.

Abusive authority. Useless quarantines or travel restrictions could have a human cost higher than the epidemics.

Abusive freedom. In the name of freedom, to allow for useless and dangerous behaviours which spread the disease, or to refuse necessary measures of isolation or hygiena. For instance AIDS spreaded through sexual vagrancy, and it now maintains itself mainly with prostitution. Certain fascist pressure groups made bear the blame to the society, while at the same time increasing the standing of sexual vagrancy behaviours which spread the disease. So the sexual freedon is now in fact reduced. On the countrary a spiritual work on enhancing the ability of living together would have both increased freedom while reducing the occasions to spread the disease.

puritanism (added 2008) Some nutter religious groups try to cast shame and censorship on diseases like AIDS, thus hampering the prevention. Or they propose illusory solutions, such as «chastity rings»... for women only! The most fascist try to make believe that sexual mutilations such as circumcision or excision, would protect against AIDS! This is of course pure psychiatric deliria.

To rely only on vaccines: To develop and test a vaccine requires years, when an epidemics develops in only some days. Anyways, more than one century of intensive searches had produced vaccines only for a small percentage of deseases. Certain vaccines could even have unacceptable noxious effects, which would be imposed even to persons in good health. In these conditions, it appears illusory to spend all the money and all the research effort on only the search for vaccines, or to base prevention on only vaccines. It is criminal to take no measures against a disease under the pretext that «we shall find a vaccine»


The true solutions


The terrific picture above just completelly evaporates if we consider that, in facts, it is relativelly easy to protect ourselves against the main sources of transmission active today: the transmission by saliva, nose secretions, and somewhat also by excrements.

The basic principle of this transmission is simple: mucus or saliva contain dangerous bacteria or viruses. Coughing, spluttering or sneezing project fine infected particules in the air, that other persons will breathe. To blow our nose, lick our fingers, and then touch objects, infect these objects. This is the transmission mode of flus, colds, gastroenteritis, childhood diseases, and numerous diarrhoeas.

In countries where there is no drinkable water, intestinal bacterias can contaminate drinking water. But, even in western countries, to wipe ourself in the toilets infects our hands, then the objects we touch: if other persons touch these objects, then touch their mouth, so he dangerous bacteria or virus get in them. This is the transmission mode of cholera, of polyomyelitis and numerous other diarrhoeas.

Contagion happens with:


Collective solutions

The very actual risk of accident or taking over of the search in genetics imposes to the governments to take immediatelly some commonsense measures, without awaiting for an epidemics which could suppress in first all the politicians and all the geneticians.


...or at least to protect oneself individually


But can we really trust governments who awaited twenty years before reacting to detering issues such as the ozone depletion or the greenhouse effect? Can we expect something of all this mass of grey and average people, with whom we can never communicate, unable as they are of only considering to change their behaviour? We begin to know the tune: simply with denouncing a disgusting and useless habit, as to lick ones fingers to turn the pages of a book, we shall only get back a vaguely astonished look, or sniggers, we shall be called utopists, pananoids, leftists, bourgeois, sectarian, anarchist, anti-freedom. There are however only very simple things to understand, and, since I was able to find them, everybody can find them too, and theoretically I should not need to publish this page.

Happily, the hygiena methods described above are of an easy use for all, without awaiting that the «majority» gets really involved, nor than the governments organise it. Or course this methods will give their full efficiency only if everybody use them. But, if not, at least the people who are conscious and able to decide of their behaviour can obtain some protection, or at least a selective advantage over the unconscious, with the application of the following methods.


Individual solutions:

Viruses are fragile; they do not survive more than several minutes in the air, they cannot go throught skin, they fear soap. So it is enought to oppose them a systematic barrier at every occasion to get in the mouth, the nose, the eyes. It is quite easy; it is enough to check all these occasions. But we need many attention, as only one forgetting can make a hole in the barrier and be fatal. For instance, many people wash their hands when they get out of the toilets. But if, while turning off the water, they touch a tap that everybody touched without never cleaning it, so this «hygiena» is really illusory!





More general methods:

All these precautions may sound complicated and difficult to remember. But there is a very simple mean to efficiently focus our mind on the cautions to be taken. We have an instinct deeply rooted in us, and easy to awake: the disgust of illness and of ill persons. During some days, we think about all the occasions where viruses can pass into us. This instinct will awake quickly, and it will soon warn us loudly at each occasion! The only difficulty, in fact, is not to go too far, not to indulge into paranoïa or in the contempt of everybody. Keep our anger for the only who deliberatelly refuse to apply these basic hygiena rules.

Especially to be put in quarantine may be very unpleasant; but we must really understand that the governments have only this kind of means at their disposal. They cannot avoid people to cough in their hand and after have a handshake with us. So any person who will protest against a quarantine will have to consider not to aim at the wrong target: responsibles are egoïstic people, not governments.

Certain persons may wish not to be contaminated, but without bothering to contaminate others. This attitude is false, as if, out of carelessness, we create a danger for others, so we engage our karma, and even in certain cases our responsibility in front of the law.

Certain people may think that to protect ourselves of certain contacts with others may be to come back to a «bourgeois morals». Such specious arguments already did much to hamper efficient steps against AIDS. In facts, a minimum of hygiena absolutelly not prevent to share some tenderness, love, ideas, enthusiasm, spirit, in brief the most important, when sharing our mucus never brought anything to anybody.

We can consider our effort of respecting other's health as a part of our spiritual work, as our Karma Yoga.

We can also consider our effort of respecting other's health as a part of our spiritual work to keep on a pure and poetical vibration.

Certain persons refuse the «religious beliefs». Me I refuse the materialistic beliefs, such as for instance that the evil we do to others would never come back to us. As a matter of facts, nearby all the new diseases are linked in a way or another to the nasty habit to kill animals to eat meat: -AIDS passed to humans from poachers cutting up chimpanzees -SRAS and avian flu come from animal farms -The mad cow would never had appeared without the mad idea to make them eat meat. Curious as random can look like bad karma...

At last an epidemics happening in the today conditions could lead to a Darwinian selection of the people able to decide their own behaviour, and to the elimination of all those who act out of conditionning, ideology, social conformism, etc... As the catastrophe which eliminated the dinosaurs, the modern epidemics could at last profit to manking evolution. Some will shout after the injustice; but in this incredibly happy epoch where more and more spiritual work methods are available, everyone can gain his own freedom to place himself where appropriate.


News of the front (2010): avian flu, swine flu, and the next to come...


It is interesting to see at least some official bodies like the American Dietetic Association ending to advertise the informations of this page. Here, about cought, they seem to plagiarize me! But it is not that: true ideas always end to be found independently by clever people.


However I allow myself to show some astonishment of the virtuous panic or our public institutions, facing a swine flu epidemic which claimed «only» some hundred lives, when previous epidemics claimed thousands into the complete silence of the medias. But we better understand the cause of this sudden compassion: this time pharmacy trusts claim to have a vaccine ready in time... What better advertising than a small quarantine, useless but well in sight of the medias!


Anover novelty is the scientific recognition of the role played by the great concentration camps for animals doomed to butchery: SRAS, avian flu, swine flu, everything comes from here. The specialists could even track a camp in Mexico, where the swine flu appeared. Dreadful promiscuity, deterent hygiena and exchange of reproductors made of these camps true P4 genetic laboratories, in the open air, recombining and breeding all kinds of viruses. And this is not new, flu exists since tens of years...

And if we make laws for the «ethic treatment or animals», or for «organic meat», the camps will be simply globalized into law less countries! The only solution to get out of thi hell is to stop eating meat.


News of the front: Ebola 2014.


Again, we hear about quarantine, checking of aircrafts... and of vaccines which «will« come soon. This time the cause is deforestation, which brings the populations in contact with fruit-eating bats, natural bearers of the virus.

And of course, idiotic behaviours of «Ebola-deniers» hampering the work of the teams on the field, while Africans residing in other countries have to face totally unfounded accusations.

In short, we are still in the same point.