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Resources for a better world

Here are the useful adresses and resources I could find, on all what produces happiness (personnal or social), peace, living in harmony, poetry, beauty, harmony... Ressources are gathered in blocks by topics, with links toward similar subjects or pages.




Last update: November 2, 2017.





Music, through the positive emotions it conveys, is a privileged means to illustrate our vision of a world of beauty, to spread energy, and to get out of this grey prosaicism which makes us waste our lives. I discovered a lot in virtual worlds and their elven communities. I tell here the most interesting that I know, from this point of view, sorted by vibration. So please us this page as a playlist, or explore around the target of each link...


Important note:
The remuneration of the artists is what allow them to create the musics we hear. For this reason, I avoid as much as possible giving links on Youtube, this great plunderer of copyright. (at best, use Youtube only for hearing samples). «Legal» sites in the kind of iTunes just reproduces the old pattern of the vinyl era music companies: only a small part of the purchase price goes to the artists, the remaining going to promote vibration-less «singers» who endorse the establishment. «Funding» through advertising allows the high financial to support the sites they like, and to relegate the others in the shadow. As to piracy, it is the best means to eliminate all the small artists that the establishment doesn't like.

It is therefore vital, to protect our culture and our freedom, to make know interesting artists, to protect their intellectual property rights, and above all, to support them by buying directly on their site, or by making donations. It is what I do here, with proposing (when possible) to buy on the author's site.

new Also check the free publishers on this page, to cut down the dependency on big companies which exploit and smother music.


The New Age

Last update: May 24, 2018


The New Age especially expresses spiritual vibrations, from simple nature to cosmic music, including Elvish or celtic. During its start in the 1980 years, it was censored in the media. Since, its growing success allowed some of its artists to pass in the great show business. The New Age includes today a large number of styles, and it honours all the religions. But be cautious that the New Age movement itself may often propagate cultish or misleading ideas.

Aeoliah, one of the founders of the genre, with a large and homogenous production of sweet and inspiring music.



Amethystium, especially «Calantha», «Fable», «Strangely Beautiful».



Anugama, between the New Age and modern shamanic music, especially «Shamanic Dream»



Bearns & Dexter. Pioneers of the New Age: 1980! Five gentle and exquisite albums, all different, but in an unique series: «The Golden Voyage». Their original editor was bought by another, which censors them since. So we can hear them only on Youtube or other similar sites. For this reason, we may be tempted to record them from these sources, before they disappear: «Golden Voyage n°2» «Golden Voyage n°3» (one of the music I had selected for the Eolis) «Temple Garden» «Thimble Full Of Light» (one of the music I had selected for the Eolis, at evening) 15 tracks on Real Gone Music


Constance Demby, especially «Novus magnificat».



David Parsons: Great and lyrical music with strong spiritual Indian and Tibetan influence.

Dorje Ling (CD) --- Himalaya (CD), Parikrama

More poetical/nature: «Sounds of the Mothership (CD)», «Voyage of the Mothership (CD)»


Dan Gibson, «Beneath The Towering Pines»


Deuter, one of the most ancient and prolific. See for instance «Horizon», «Blessings».


Deva Premal, en particulier Gayatri Mantra (long version)


Earthdance, «Prayer for Peace». EarthDance is a yearly musical celebration for Peace and Unity among the peoples. Thus there are records of the Prayer for each year. The benefits go to funding various humanitarian organizations


Gandalf, expecially «Shining Light» or «New Horizons». Sound samples on the site.


Iasos, One of the pioneers of the New Age.

Hear and buy. Recommended: Elixir, Essence of Spring, Angelic Music, Jewelled Space, etc.


James Harry: see LLewellyn.


Karunesh A very large production of new Age, spiritual and healing music. Try «Heart Chakra Meditation »


Kitaro The most well known from the general public. Some pearls among many others in an immense production: «Heaven and Earth» (from «Peace on Earth»), «Koi» (from «Kojiki»)


LLewellyn produced several long enchanting compositions, which can be used as well homogenous backgrounds: «Sleep Gold», «Sleep Gentle Sleep», «Peaceful Sanctuary».


Medwyn Goodall: Always lyrical, sometimes powerful, sometimes sweet

Albums like Druid, Merlin, Excalibur.

His online shop also sells other New Age artists, you can be the next.


Michael Stearns Especially «Chronos», «nature's journey» and «Encounter»


Michel Pépé, one of the rare French composers: ethereal nature and angelic worlds.


Mythos, especially Angels Weep


New Age Music Garden New Age, relaxation, CD, download.


Nirvana Radio Dedicated to high vibes music. 3 channels:

Ambient SL-Inworldz - Shoutcast - OGG

Meditation SL-Inworldz - Shoutcast - OGG

Relaxation SL-Inworldz Shoutcast


Patrick O'Hearn try «Panning The Sands »


Paul Avgerinos List of New Age radios (To test)


Radio Gaia A Voz do Planeta! Censored, sends to


Radio Polska Stacia(Winamp Shoutcast) New Age channel Censored, sends to


radiotunes List of New Age radios (To test)


What happens when a Western composer born of an Iranian father encounters a Tibetan Diva? Sina Vodjani Sacred Buddha, Dancing Dakini, and others New Age Main site, New Age, world, nature, and many others. Censored, sends to radiotunes


Le souffle d'or (In France) New Age, religious music, relaxation, ecology...


Vangelis, one of the best known from the general public


William Aura: Harmonious and ethereal synthetic sounds.

Aurasound 1 & 2 --- Half Moon Bay --- Lovely Day energy of nature


Sweet spiritual musics

Last update in May 22, 2018.


This is not a definite genre, but calm, relaxing and positive music, spiritual from various orientation or without, to hear as a background for daily life, happiness, relaxation, work, etc.


Andreas Mock, Angels Symphonie of Love and Light By Merlins Magic Windpferd Producer and Interpret Andreas Mock .


Buddha Dreamer Zen music and buddhist mantra music...


Merlin's Magic, The Heart of Reiki


Midori Healing and Cleansing


Robert Haig Coxon, The silent path.


Shajan Cosmic Balance.


Music of the Elves

Last update: November 16, 2015.


The music of the Elves and fairies is distinguished by a pure and ethereal vibration, while using mostly acoustic instruments. It evokes the angelic world of the Elves, or the beauty of nature. This style started with the film «The Lord of the Rings», but it now owes its success to numerous artists. We heard a lot in Second Life.


Brunuhville, «The Elven prophecy».


Davy Spillane, featuring Maire Brennan «A Place Among The Stones»


Diane Arkenstone «Through the Veil», «Lothlorien».


Lisa Lynne and the Elfin Love Tribe, very «elven daily life»...


Hans Gustafsson, «Elf Dance».


Kim Skovbye «THE RING», «Aragorn», «AFTERMATH»...


Moya with her elven voice which for me remains associated with the wonderful Elf experiences in virtual worlds, especially in two songs: «Perfect time» (album «Perfect time») and «Show me» (album «Two Horizons»). Also see «bridge that carry over». She leads humanitarian actions.


Celtic music, Folk music

Last update: April 30, 2017


Folk music is known for fostering the ancient popular traditions of Europe, using ancient acoustic instruments. It speaks of fests and country life... Celtic music adds a more lyrical, romantical, see spiritual vibration, starting from an idealised vision of the Celtic culture, sometimes nearing the elvish.


Aine Minogue plays Celtic harp, accompagned with other instruments. See for instance King of the Fairies (which made the delights of the Elfs in Second Life)


Celtic Woman is an all female group playing an Irish folk repertoire. Some are close to the elven style.


Enya and Moya are very popular singers. Try «Aldebaran», «Tempus Vernum» «May it be», and of course the unforgettable «Aniron»


ilianor illios is a singer and harpist playing celtic and folk tunes. Sometimes she plays for my storytelling events into Inworldz. In Second Life: Concerto. Some samples at SoundCloud.



Cosmic music

Last update: May 22, 2018.


Mostly using synthesizers with supernatural sounds, cosmic music (often called «space ambient») conveys the grandiose and lyrical vibrations of space, or other worlds, sometimes from science fiction. Sometimes austere, often strange or spiritual, nor dull neither prosaic.


Aes Dana Signs with woderful elven voices...


ALTUS Coma Cluster and many powerful brooding space musics, on their Youtube channel


ALWOODS Psychedelic Dream


AMBIcon is a series of concerts, often breathtaking, with the most talented ambient or New Age artists. Several videos on Youtube.


Andrew Forrest, Liquid Light


Mathias Grassow produces strange and powerful space backgrounds, alone or in association with other composer, who then bring their touch Interstellar Gravity, The First Bright Light


Ant Nebula, A Journey Into Hyperspace


AuroraX on his youtube channel offers homogenous compilations, per style or per theme. Try «Indefatigable paths»


Axen Through the Sky to the Space


Between Intervals especially «Delta Capricorni», «expanding area», «Secret Observatory», «Hidden Wastelands», «Vortex», «Minotaur's Lair», «Aerolith»,


Biosphere «Startoucher»


Chronos Helios


Deep astronomy, a Youtube channel dedicated to astronomy. Commented videos with very moving musics, for instance «The Hypernova of VY Canis Majoris»


Distant System Especially «Astral Map Error», «Light Echoes» et «Outer Rim»


E- MANTRA especially «Floating Spirals» or »Harmonic Waves« or »Silence« or «Arcana» or «The Hermits Sanctuary» Hear on Sound Cloud or on Youtube


Epicuros on his youtube channel offers homogenous compilations, per style or per theme. TRy «Terra Nova 2» or «Interstellar»


Gas microscopics especially a fantastic video on the different scales of the universe.


Grey Houston. Especially try this fantastic video made with «The Universe is what We Are»


Gulan especially «Universal Consciousness»


Sven Grunberg «Hingus» Composed in 1980 in Estonia. Sven was persecuted by the soviets for this music.


H.U.V.A. Network especially «Dissolving Time» or «Indigo room»


Jón Hallur especially «In The Depth Of Space» Hear on Youtube


Jonn Serrie Some jewels: «Stratos», «Vision Quest» (Here with astoundingly realistic space travel perspective) «Tachyon Directive» «The Stargazer's Journey» and many others


kapitoshkatst Youtube Channel


Lauge & Baba Gnohm especially «Fjeld» Hear on Youtube


A rarity: Matt Scanlan DarkStar



Mind divided Especially «leaving for eden»


Mystical Sun, «26000».




Perfect Blind « Three Spires»


Pete Namlook and Tetsu Inoue «Shades or Orion»


Proton Kinoun En particulier Apeyron


Psygone Surrender to the Source


Qiao Ling Fall Fest. Qiao is one of my friends in the Inworldz virtual world, and he did this music for the fall fest 2016. The lyrics «enjoy life» are especially interesting and positive. I am visible at times in the video, as the only one not dancing, lol


Redshift and Mark Shreeve. See especially «Aurora»


Solar Fields See especially: «Discovering», «Jeezlh», «Jupiter sessions», «Leaving Home», «The Road to Nothingness», «when the worlds collide» «Kick Back»


Sonus Lab especially «Planetary Suite» and «Europe» see their production in line.


Sequencia Legendia provides beautiful long and homogenous spatial pieces: «Somewhere», «Au revoir», Blue Dream.


Space Ambient Youtube Channel


Starship Covenant Interstellar Space Ambient - Alien Unofficial Soundtrack, a well homogenous series


Stellardrone (radio) Free music for any use, only the attribution is requested (a nice gift to mankind!) Especially: «The Edge Of Forever», «Ascent», «Sublime», «Billions and Billions», «A Moment Of Stillness», «Light Years (CD) » and «red giant»


Steve Roach See especially «The Magnificient Void - 1996»


Sundial Aeon especially «Secret Glory» from the CD «Mimesis», or the CD «Hypnosis».


Terra Ambient especially «Aether»)


Thom Brennan «Satori»


Fantazy, lyrical

Last update: December 18, 2013.


Powerful and lyrical music, style Lords of The Rings, often used in roleplay. Exploring this domain requires some caution, as it is sometimes close to the dark.


Faun, folk, Middle Age, neo-pagan


Jon Anderson, especially «Olias of Sunhillow»


Klaus Schulze, especially «Timewind» and «Moondawn»


Radio Rivendell, the radio of the Elves!


Yes is especially know from two fantastic albums: Close to the edge and Tales of Topographic Oceans which awakened a whole generation.


Varied music

Last update: October 9, 2016


Here some varied musics which do not really fit in any of the other categories.


Chris Wonderful «With You Forever»


Radio Gaia A Voz do Planeta! closed, sends to


Ralph Lundsten «Andromeda» (Official site)


Raphael «Angels of the deep», a sumptuous and luminous composition, with whales songs. On Amazon and Itunes.


Radio Riel Several radio channels ranging from ancient music, religious, Celtic, New Age, etc.


Secret Garden «Nocturne» Marvellous music, nostalgic of a world which would have never experienced evil.


Torben Radio (Winamp Shoutcast)
Synths (Torben Asp is often visible in virtual worlds)


Vasily Boykov
especially «Magic of Love» and «High in the Blue Sky»


Zen Radio (Winamp Shoutcast) Calm music of diverse styles


World music

Last update: March 4, 2016.


Traditional musics from native peoples, or more recent musics from peoples other than Europe and the USA, sometimes engaged (Third-world, social...).


BEST AFRICAN MUSIC AMBIENT LOUNGE. You will want to become African!


Anugama, between the New Age and modern shamanic music, especially «Shamanic Dream»


Geoffrey Oryema, especially «Exile» and the wonderful «Land of Anaka»


Many interesting things on the blog of Szavanna Sunshine, one of my friends in Inworldz, who promotes African music.


Margot Reisinger (Margot Vogl) and the group «Existence»» (formerly «Oliver Shanti & Friends») produced a large quantity of relaxation and meditation music in varied Asian styles, peaceful, pleasant and inspiring.


Oliver Shanti and the group «Inkarnation»» or «Oliver Shanti & Friends» see Margot Reisinger.


Solyma, especially «Jerusalem»


Tiken Jah Fakoly, black french singer with a reggae sound, pro-Africa militant


Lot of interesting things on the blog of Szavanna Sunshine, one of my friends in Inworldz, who promotes African music.



Spiritual musics

Last update: December 19, 2013.


Musics of any style, which have in common of directly resulting from a religious or spiritual fervour whatever it is.


Buddha Dreamer Zen music and buddhist mantra music...


Karunesh A very large production of new Age, spiritual and healing music. Try «Heart Chakra Meditation »


Le souffle d'or (France) New Age, religious music, relaxation, ecology...



Music in black and white

Last update: March 4, 2016.


As for movies, music from before 1967 was in «black and white» that is grey and without vibration. There were however a few pearls worthy of remembering.


Salade de fruits (Fruits salad), by Bourvil, a love song perfumed to the fruits


Take five by the Dave Brubeck Quartet, which sometimes illuminated the radio (only convenient way to listen music at the time)


What a wonderful world, performed by Louis Armstrong. This instrumentation is the kind of music we could hear during the Christmases of my childhood...


A bicyclette by Yves Montand. Nostalgia for a time when we could roll in the fields, arising a changing bouquet of grasshoppers, butterflies and frogs... This was before chemical farming killed everything.


Remarkable sounds

Last update: November 10, 2014.


Remarkable sounds, intentional or natural, relaxation backgrounds, astronomy sounds, mysterious sounds.

Astrosurf, sounds of pulsars and other astronomy sounds


Celestial White Noise, Mission Earth Relaxation sound made with real space sounds from the NASA interplanetary probes.


Bruit du Col de Vence an unexplained sound which can be heard in this place (not tested)


Klaus Wiese, Ruh. (Tranquillity) Very relaxing white sound.


Deep Space Nine Ambient Sound Relaxing sound of a spaceship...


Explained or unexplained oceanic sounds by the NOAA


Sounds of the planets radio waves phenomena, recorded by the NASA spaceprobes.

Symphonies Of The Planets arrangement of NASA Voyager Recordings (1992)



Free Editors

Last update: October 9, 2016.


In these times where a small number of big companies control, exploit or censor music, it is important to have independent publishers, which publish and protect artists, without «selection» of styles nor exploitation of the fans. (I cannot be warrant of these links) (See the discussion here)

bandcamp publisher: sales, lists management services, for fans, authors and labels, in «fair trade»: 80% of sales go to the artists.


cdbaby publisher


iPluggers publisher


live365 Allow to create our own radio, legally. Funded with ads. Censored out of the USA.


magnatune publisher New Age publisher


New Age Music Garden New Age, relaxation, CD, download.


Le souffle d'or (France) New Age, religious music, relaxation, ecology...



No royalty music

Last update: May 22 2018.


In theory, if we want to use the music of another creator, we just have to ask for a permission, and to pay for the rights. In practice, it is often impossible to ask, or the rights are out of proportion with our project.

Hence the interest of no royalty music, or free of rights music, which we can use without a permission, in parties, videos, in a story background, in games, etc. Conditions generally are attribution to the author, not to resell the original music, and sometimes no commercial use. Some sites request a login, to provide a written licence.

Pas de contenu ici pour le moment, mais j'ai une «enquête» en cours.











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I indicate these resources for their interest, but without any waranty on their content that I do not control. (and which can be modified without my notice)

(January 1st 2013) I created these pages in the beginning of the Internet, when we had to «surf on the web» to find sites. Then came Google and others, which made this search miraculously simple. So, for ten years I did not really updated these pages... However, since some years, I note that relevant sites are less and less visible in these search engines, hidden by an increasing number of verbiage pages supported by powerful financial means. And surreptitiously, the vital network of links which formed «the web» has disappeared: we no more control Internet! So I say to everybody:




Then I put these pages back in action.

Do not hesitate to create links toward these pages, or to tell me interesting links.