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General Epistemology       


Eigth Part: Index/Summary


















VIII-1 Purpose of this part

The purpose of this part, entirely new, is to evaluate the probability of encountering an extraterrestrial life, and the consequences if this happened. We shall start with the study of the different factors of the Drake equation. But about the fate of the civilisations, we shall use the data of the fith part on consciousness, and of the sixth part on society.

VIII-2 Formation of the stars and planets

An original depiction on the way planets form and differentiate from a cosmic cloud. This model accounts with the varied observed solar systems, without requiring rare or extraordinary events. Evaluation of the fp factor of the Drake equation. Recent  observational confirmations. 

VIII-3 The known conditions for life on a planet

Analysis of the various chemical and physical conditions favouring life or forbidding it. Evaluation of the ne factor of the Drake equation.

VIII-4 Appearance of life on a planet

How the complex DNA computer of the cells could appear from raw chemical elements. Evaluation of the fl factor of the Drake equation.

VIII-5 A simulation model for evolution

A simple and well known statistical model shows how live is forced to evolve at a regular pace, as long as the right conditions are provided, leading to a mandatory appearance of civilisation. Evaluation of the fi factor of the Drake equation.

VIII-6 Civilization: the spiritual factor

How long a civilization lasts, L, depends on their mind (capacities, decisions, etc.) hence the qualification of spiritual for the two last terms of the Drake equation. Especially, as it is visible with us today, their capacity to last is narrowly depending on the development of psychoeducation. But once this capacity is established, the civilizations can engage into radically different paths, which will give very different fc values for the different SETI detection modes.

VIII-7 The interstellar travel

Without prejudice, how can civilisations really travel in space. There does not seem to exist any really practical way, and the least difficult method is not huge spaceships transporting generations of people. We also consider spiritual means or UFOs, but they do not seem either to allow for easy space travel.

VIII-8 Universal civilisation.

We start with establishing the consequences of psychoeducation on the behaviour and social organization of possible extraterrestrials. Then how can organise a possible galactic civilization, depending on their modes of existence and their communication methods.

VIII-9 Discussion on the possible solutions of the Fermi paradox.

After discussion the various existing or possible SETI detection methods, a quick assessment shows that the Fermi paradox especially arises for intentional signals: the cause of the paradox is in the way extraterrestrial behave toward us, or toward each other. We discuss several possible explanations, and end up with recommendations for the SETI search.

VIII-10 Colonising and terraforming planets

Discussions on various methods for this, or for space missions feasible today.


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General Epistemology       







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