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General Epistemology        Chapter VIII-8       


VIII-8 The Universal civilization



This chapter refers to a possible galactic civilization created by a network of several planetary civilizations communicating by messages, travels, or by psychical means.

The role of psychoeducation

(Permalink) To start with, we saw in chapter VIII-6 that we can safely assume that civilisations are largely psychoeducated, or they would destroy themselves. This makes that these psychoeducated planets are peaceful, and also that there cannot be interstellar wars or even not rogue planets. This is a very safely proved result, if even the only one: if there were such psychoprimitive planets, they would have aggressed Earth since billions of years.

Also, immediate democracy and freedom are mandatory results of psychoeducation: psychoeducated people do not need any central direction or government at all. They can still establish headquarters for specific coordination, though. But they will close them as soon as they are out of purpose.

They are not racist or specist either, so that we must expect to find all sorts of associations of races, genders, religions or species. Even Earthlings can join their groups, as soon as they are clean of neurosis! So, if any discreet contact exists, we must expect to find Earthlings involved in their activities. Perhaps Earth itself is already involved, and only the media and government are not informed, because of their irrational reactions.


A psychoeducated civilization do not need either any common ideology, tenet or thought system (chapter I-9), because non-conceptual thinking an eucumenism are among the very first spiritual realisations to appear when we become psyschoeducated. So that we can expect to find, not a single unified civilization, not even several, but a variety of groups with different thought systems and purposes. Some may even look contradictory, from our own delusions of dualism or conceptual thinking.

Furthermore, there cannot be real contradictions between the philosophies and purposes of these varied groups, since psychoeducated people quickly discard any opinions and ideologies, which at once allows them able to find the basic purposes of consciousness (chapter V-5). This makes that, even if planets or groups have different purposes or philosophy, they will not act again each other. At worse, they will ignore each other. There is not a lack of place in space to do so.


At last, a very important point is that psychoeducated people are not limited by their ego, and thus not by their limited life time. So that it is perfectly possible that they undertake endeavours in the millennia and even million years time scales, which benefit goes only to future generations. They can start them, and the following generations can willingly continue them (Understand well, they will spontaneously adhere to the project, without being enforced by an authoritarian power or thought system). This can produce unique activities like sending the whole galactic archives to all the new civilizations, so that these archives keep existing well beyond the billions years life of the origin planets. A kind of Internet, where each packet arrives every 100 years, and a million years is needed to get the whole data set. But the benefit goes to all the inhabitants for billions years. Would we find such a knowledge repository, and we have a detailed chronicle of our galaxy starting 8 billions years ago. Should we ask the Central European Bank to fund the construction of the next one, to be read by unknown people in five billions years? Hahahaha!


These considerations allow for a rich, varied, beautiful and free galactic civilization, as soon as messages can be exchanged.

Communication with radio or laser

(Permalink) Within billions of years of existence, the civilisations (at least the ones who use technology) have plenty of time to find each other, and to establish communication channels, using the methods described in chapter VIII-6. There may even be several such channels already targeting Earth, and waiting for our replies. Of course, a real time dialogue is not possible in this way, since the replies need thousands of years. But during such a duration of time, and thanks to this duration precisely, the interlinked civilisations can exchange a huge amount of data, even with a low Baud rate.

Even simply finding such a communication beam would be a fantastic philosophical and social revelation, changing forever the course of the History of Earth.

This communication method allows for science exchanges, although people able to receive them probably have not much to learn in this domain. Same goes for spiritual knowledge, although a confirmation of the existence of spiritual civilizations would bring a well needed fresh air on Earth.

But they especially allow for cultural exchanges, like for instance detailed archives of the History of our galaxy, or comparison of our varied senses (chapter VI-9).

Such channels intended for contact may feature:

-Pulses to be found easily (SETI is already looking for them)

-Simple data like small images with an obvious coding, for teaching the main data codes

-Progressive learning of the language, starting from images and sounds, up to the most abstract concepts. The whole may take several years, and loop.

-The message itself, which will be of cultural nature, planetary archives, galactic archives. Probably common knowledge will loop in some years, while more exquisite one may need thousands years.

The total baud rate depends on the ratio of the laser power over the star luminosity (in the darkest absorption ray). Distance is a factor too, but once a signal is found, a large specialized space telescope can be built for relatively cheap, and get far away signals. Such a telescope is cheap, because it does not need to do accurate images or see many frequencies. It just needs a rough but large mirror, and a fast photoreceptor. Just the large mirror is needed to improve the signal over noise ratio, and get fast signals.


Radio communication is also possible, and it is until now what SETI is searching for (in more of unintentional radio emissions leaking from technological worlds). However radio is much less directive than laser, so that it requires much more power and much larger antennas. This seems to bring preference to lasers. However what ultimately determines the efficiency of a communication link is the signal over noise ratio. And stars are much quieter in radio than in light, so that a radio link may be better than a laser link, requiring less power or less costly transmitters. We need more precise studies, though, to determine which electromagnetic frequency range is actually the best. But the required data cannot easily be found on the Internet.

Communication with interstellar travel

(Permalink) We studied in chapter VIII-7 how civilisation can spread, using spaceships. We even determined that the most likely or most realistic method is to use insemination probes, bearing only genomes coded as computer files, and reconstructing living bodies upon arrival on a suitable planet. Although still not simple, this at least makes colonizing planets possible, using technologies which are known or developable today. We also determined that civilizations being psychoeducated, they can much more easily than us engage into such huge undertaking without being hampered by egotic interests or the restrictions brought by the money system. Given that psychoeducated planets can exist since at leat 5 billions years in our galaxy, then very likely several such networks of planets exist, all with the same specie and ecosystem.


However, without a Stars War like technology for space travel, there is not much point at travelling between these worlds, even for people of the same specie. There is no point, because any space travel is much longer than any individual lifetime. This precludes any interplanetary tourism or similar. And any other activity can be achieved with just sending data with lasers, including more genomes and more evolved connectomes!

This may explain why SETI is not finding any Kardashev type III civilization. This is its only result so far. Negative, but interesting: the horrible World of Star War does not actually exist.


Another reason makes interstellar travels pointless: people of a given specie and ecosystem cannot land on another, or they would die with numerous infection and diseases. This is well known since «The War of the Worlds», but conspicuously ignored since, as it irretrievably ruins all the science fiction views and dreams. Even newly colonized planets would quickly diverge from the mother planet, making further exchanges impossible. And we have a well known proof of the extreme danger of such encounters: intercontinental travels on Earth ruined several races, species and ecosystems, and still today we get digestive troubles and fear the spreading of serious diseases. So let us think at an alien planet, infected with dreadful diseases in the whole depth of its lands and oceans...

I give some examples of these in my fiction books. In an (unwritten part of) my novels on the Eolis, an evil Earthling landing on the wonderful Aeoliah paradise is digested in some hours by local soil bacteria, with atrocious suffering. Indeed on the spiritually engineered Aeoliah, all forms of life collaborate, by exchanging chemical messages controlling their growth. However the human body not responding to these signals, it is assumed by the local humus life to be dead, and in less than some hours, mushrooms start to spawn purple lines under the skin of the terrorized earthling who dared to challenge the Eolis. Only some days after, the whole human body and bacteria are turned into just a small mound of humus, and only a stainless steel watch remains of the failed invasion attempt. On Dumria however Earth bacteria would be harmless to animals, but it would kill all the chloroplasts, leaving the Dumrian Humans and animals die of hunger in a world of dry hay.


So that most likely interstellar travels using known today methods are mostly limited to insemination probes, and also to what follows:

Knowledge repository probes

(Permalink) There are some exception however, which were envisioned by scientists: exploration probes, of course, like Bracewell probes. Searches were made for Alien probes orbiting Earth or the nearby solar system, with no success so far.

But also knowledge repository probes. These would be unmanned spaceships containing huge libraries of knowledge: chronicles of the beginning of our galaxy, billion years old cultural heritage, genomes, artistic creations, testimonies of people who saw our sun being created, novels, movies, music, and many more. Some scientists think that it is even a better way to exchange knowledge than lasers, because of the huge quantity of data sent at a time.

But also, such an object can survive in the interstellar space for millions years, or even billions. If it lands on a planet, it can wait for a very long time too, until intelligence appears and becomes able to understand it.

It is worth noting that a knowledge repository does not need to «function» to be read. It is enough that its memory remains readable even without a source of energy. A CD can do it, but probably not an USB key. This is what does that such an object, even «dead», can remain useable for billions of years, and be the most massivre interstellar communication mean. The only difficulty is that it needs to be found.

Once found by somebody, it can be duplicated and enriched, then sent again wandering in the depths of space. This ensures an infinite life span to the data stored in.

Well, wandering at random in space does not make it easily findable. The most interesting place for such a thing to rest is near an inhabited planet, where people can find it once they discover space exploration. It still needs to be protected from meteorites, though, and so be buried or something. Also stellar orbits are not stable at the billion years timescale. So that the best place known today in our system is the Moon. It may also wait in the outer solar system, and approach when it detects life.

How to manifest its presence, while being deeply buried? By a magnetic field. In more this magnetic field can mark the ground, from various effects. We precisely know two such ground marks: Rainer gamma on the Moon, and the Lycus Sulci black spots on Mars. Although the preferred hypothesis today is that these magnetic fields were created by iron meteorites.

The problem that such objects have to face however is a reliability problem: how to land safely on a planet, after travelling millions of years in the interstellar space? Would the engines and electronic still work? The only way to be sure is to... send one. And wait 20 millions years, until it returns! Actually this test was done, since civilizations exist for much longer. But this is certainly not for ego-limited people hoping for a financial gain!

The safest way, still, is that it lands on a planet. In this way it can be found by low technology people, or despite its electronics and engines are dead. So that we need to consider that such objects may exist on Earth. Today the best candidate is the Moonshaft. If it actually exists, this object is buried into 200 millions years old limestone in Slovakia. Others may exist, buried even deeper in still older layers, on the Moon, or in the solar system.

And still, a planet is large. How such an object would tell its presence? It is said that the Moonshaft emits magnetic pulses at about one Hertz.

Hence the interest of checking the existence of any reported anomaly, even if there is a lot of garbage in this field. This is what I do in chapter VII-5, where several potential cases are studied.


Are such objects already known, but censored? I have no hint at this. But such a censorship is alas still possible. What I would say is that such a censorship would be extremely stupid, and would serve nobody. The usual pretext is to «psychologically prepare people». This idea comes from the MacCartysm, precisely in the shameful Robertson Panel report. It even pollutes «2001 space odyssey»! What I think is that people are not so dumb. They are perfectly ready to accept that their life is not as narrow as the official vision. Just as they were ready to accept the Sputnik, the Moon landing or the first Ligo chirp, without «becoming communist» or «becoming gay». The only ones who are not psychologically ready are the censors, who are so proud as to think that they have superior psychological capacities while having actually only worm brains.

The very fact that there is so much boosting disinformation by the media hints at a possible active censorship. But also the media proved dumb enough to believe their own lies, so that the media are definitively not a reliable source of information, even by reverse-engineering their manipulation methods.

Technology planets

(Permalink) Psychoeducated people do not deify technology. However they may have a lot of different ways to deal with it, from developing it much further than us, to completely abandoning it. In more, even on a single planet, different groups of people will have different choices, and psychoeducated people will not fight each other to impose one of these choices, or to do stupid things like destroying nature.

Low tech side, the most likely mix is relatively low-tech living standards in nature, but using some specific high technologies in discrete and environment-friendly ways: Internet, medicine, body printers, astronomy and astronautics, etc. The advantages of technology are so obvious that, even if not used at all, it would be kept available in repositories, or accessible to Orders of technicians, like here). If people need it, they learn it and rebuild the machines. Such planets may be harder than expected to detect with SETI, but they still are likely to attempt contact with obvious laser pulses. Since these lasers are possible without a strong government or powerful industry, we can expect to find a lot of them. In this case they could even be built by small groups, or even by hobbyists!!

High tech side, we can do things which cannot be done in nature: engineered planets, Dyson swarms, planetary shaders or mirrors, modified planetary orbits (chapter VIII-10), genetically engineered bodies or species, modified brains, 3D body printers, 3D printed brain connectomes, robotic bodies (where a consciousness lives in, not to be confused with unconscious robots, see chapter V-18 and my novel Lokouten) virtual bodies (computer-borne consciousnesses living into computer-created virtual worlds). This allows a civilization to live much longer (A shader for Earth makes in inhabitable for two more billions years), or in more hostile environments.

For instance consciousnesses incarnated in virtual worlds (chapter V-18) can happen on nearby any solid planet, and even in a Dyson swarm orbiting around a star, regardless of temperature, atmosphere, gravity or food resources. So such a Dyson swarm may allow for millions of billions persons to live in a totally wonderful and unspoiled world, designed after their will, and free of any disease, death or accidents.

Technologies can also be useful in the spiritual domain itself, even if indirectly. Indeed, genetically engineered brains (Dumria) and 3D printed brains (Typheren) will make people take birth with already psychoeducated brains, bypassing tens of years of tedious and aleatory education and learning. This can also totally revolutionize biology, and make it follow our will, and totally decouple it from any kind of amoral Darwinian evolution. We can design a totally modified feeding system, with nitrogen-fixing bacteria in our intestines, and self-sufficiency into vitamins, allowing to live from a simple garden, just picking fruits or roots without working. A totally modified immunity, and the elimination of predators, parasites, diseases, etc. will allow to live naked in nature, while immortal forever young genetically engineered bodies can fulfil our boldest fantasies.


Such planets had plenty of time to contact each other, even with slow channels, and exchange a fantastic quantity or information. So very likely we have a galactic culture, and the high technologies described above are spread among the planets. Lasers can send the plans anyway.


Of course only ego-free people can manage such a system where the result of actions appear only many generations later. There is clearly a fantastic Darwinian pressure for psychoeducation, and against egocentricity and its ninny consequences: domination, capitalism, conflicts, etc.

Animal civilisations ©

(Permalink) (note 93 on the use of ©) Since animals do not have practical means to modify their environment, they remain constrained by the physical conditions on their planet. Although they can slowly adapt to changing conditions, or in the long run change these conditions. This is what happened on Earth, with the symbiosis between animals and plants. Today, food plants are being intentionally cultivated, and thus they receive a directed evolution, much faster than the Darwinian evolution: most of our cereals, vegetables and fruits did not existed some thousands years ago, to the point that their natural ancestors are in some instances unknown. Conversely, our adaptation to plants created our culture and tastes: sugars, perfumes, finding flowers beautiful. Further this defines our humanity (our sense of what is beautiful and pleasant, chapter VI-9). Some animals also do this. Add to this some more billions years of evolution, and see how things can be marvellously tuned.

Animal civilizations have no means to communicate with others. Although they still can be detected, by astronomy SETI or by exploration probes. Even colonization probes, if they land on such a planet, can adapt their program: instead of starting to create life, they remain sterile, to avoid destroying this world. But they can teach their science and build communication means. This is how even animal civilizations and low tech civilizations can be connected to the galactic civilization laser network!

But they can still connect on their own, using psi means:

Psi means

(Permalink) When people become psychoeducated, they soon become able to master psi means. On Earth, this is still rare and subtle, but many people were able to check it: premonitions, global prayers, etc. So let us imagine when everybody is like this all the time!

So that, as fantastic as may look the possible achievement of high technologies, it is nothing compared to the achievements of psi civilisations.

People with psi means may use them mostly at three things:


Building a better physical planet. High spirituality may favour such purposes, first in subtle ways (as it is starting to happen today on Earth), and later with «miracles» or psychophysical events (healing, propitious genetic mutations, premonitions of dangerous events...) A «better planet» will generally be a more beautiful environment and bodies, with a higher vibration, easier way of living, less work, less diseases, more creativity, more enjoyment (arts, nature, love...), better health, and many other things to come of which we can have no idea yet. Such planets need much less technology, and even not at all, so that animal civilisations can reach this state too. There may be a great number of them, but with little chances to detect them with radio or laser SETI.


Building paradise spiritual worlds. Indeed life in a physical body remains bound by needs for food and work, dirt to clean up, disease, accident, unpleasant things, and ultimately, the unavoidable death. This makes that very soon spiritual civilisations will try to continue in the afterlife, and build their own spiritual universes. Just as we are starting to build our virtual worlds today. At this point, a spiritual civilisation, and any spiritual individual, may soon lose any contact with the material world, either from the huge advantages of spiritual worlds, or simply from the difficulty to come back or interact back toward the material world.

Indeed we do not see our own deads doing so! At best I saw some saying good bye, because these kinds of things are much easier at the magical moment of death. But later it is a great blank. Also, NDE experiencers tell that they are so enthralled by the afterlife, that they are reluctant to return. So then imagine when we have our whole new life in the after...

I consider a radical form of this scenario in my novels of the Dumria cycle: the whole planets change to a spiritual state, leaving empty orbits and remnant space probes.


Nursery worlds ©. (note 93 on the use of ©) However in most case, psi civilisations need to keep their home planet, for a simple purpose: reproduction. Indeed we saw in chapter V-2 that a new consciousness spontaneously appears in a new brain. And a material brain is enough for this, from its material functioning! On the other hand, we cannot foresee any way to create new consciousnesses in a spiritual world. Hence the need for nursery worlds. On such worlds, people do not even seek to live long, and even not try to protect themselves from diseases, so that they still less need high technology (health, protection against climate or space events). But they need to maintain the connexion with their associated spiritual world. If today Humans could visit such planets, they may interpret the local civilisation as a sort of strong religion not concerned with long life or high technology.

Some Buddhist teachings claim that a «stream of consciousness» can be duplicated in several streams. We may see this as a hint of a strange spiritual science... or as a convenient way to evade disputes when several persons claim that their child is the reincarnation of the same master.

What is more likely to happen is that, in spiritual worlds, as seen in chapter V-9, and especially the sub-chapter «the dissolution of consciousness» in chapter V-10, elements of the spiritual world are shared in each consciousness which perceives it: each consciousness is a subset of this spiritual universe (itself made at a whole of elements of the consciousness experience). This allows for natural extrasensory perception (indeed the only way to see things in a spiritual universe) but also for telepathy, when two consciousnesses share common elements. This is the way these people could share a large culture, or even directly share inner experiences, as in an integral 3D movie, including emotions. Certainly the highest form of art! At this point, we can discuss if consciousnesses can reproduce, by duplication of elements. So that when a person duplicates, the two sons share common memories, which diverge starting from the moment of duplication. We may also have elements of the world taking their own inference engine (like the spirits of the places, chapter V-17), thus starting an entirely new consciousness. Probably with very different senses, cultures and motives than us.

Nursery world may be many, and they may still be connected to the galactic civilization by the various means mentioned in this chapter. We can expect them to be mentioned as soon as our first extraterrestrial contacts, together with knowledge repositories and some still stranger things I have yet no idea of.

But if a spiritual civilization exists both on a planet, and in the consciousness world, they necessarily have a communication mean, which would appear to us as (real) mediumnity, or people being able to explore the spiritual side through deep meditation. In this way, the spiritual civilization is connected to the galactic civilization, and this kind of things may be mentioned in our first contacts.

Psi spaceships ©

(Permalink) (note 93 on the use of ©) (Reminding that the physical existence of UFOs has been scientifically demonstrated, chapter VII-2)

The most interesting hypothesis on UFO is the one of John E. Mack: they would be psychical interferences into the material world. I propose a theoretical frame in chapter VII-3 and chapter VII-4: this influence would take place in a domain (in the meaning of the physicists) where the laws of physics would be modified in a way to allow for consciousness to directly control matter. This domain is started by a special event involving both matter and consciousness. The difficulty to produce such an event explains the rarity and the protean character of the phenomenon, while the difficulty to maintain the domain explains its elusiveness and lack of remaining proofs.

However people having strong psi powers may have the capacity of starting and maintaining such a domain. This would allow them to create psi spaceships: a permanent and controlled domain which could be moved anywhere in the physical world AND in the spiritual worlds. Such a thing would then be their life place, but it would also have extraordinary capacities, such as superluminic flight and even instant teleportation (I further explain this in my fiction novel «Lokouten»), since they are not bound to the limitations of this material world, and even not really part of it. This also matches the «interdimentionnal portals» of the New Age, since this thing really has the capacity to travel to other physical universes, and even into psychical universes.


This would probably require a strong discipline and very specific motivations, such as a spiritual Order performing some interplanetary humanitarian help. I imagined such a thing since 1989: the Cosmic Guards. But I could only publish it in something like 1998, in my two novels of the marvellous world of the Eolis, where the Cosmic Guards are kinds of knights protecting life throughout the universe.


If such a thing exists, then we may find traces of such interferences on Earth. There are probable cases, where the History of Earth shows wisdom waves © (note 93 on the use of ©), periods where wisdom flourished, as it would result from Earth being taken inside such a psi spaceship.

- About 2500 years ago, numerous sages appeared simultaneously in far away regions of the world, and founded important spiritual currents: the Buddha, Aristotle, Zarathustra, Daniel (Jewish prophet mentioned in the Bible and founder of the Solomon era) and probably others.

- the 1960's peace and liberation movement.


By the way, I do not claim precedence for this idea: Hindus call this a Vimana, since about 2500 years too. Perhaps their better acceptance of spirituality owed them some acknowledgement of what was taking place, while us we were conspicuously left on the touch line all along the 1960. And sneering at the referee did not made him more compliant...







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