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General Epistemology        Chapter V-17       


V-17 Prana, chakras, vibrations, energies,
dimensions, spirits of nature, tree huggers
and everything that Muggles hate


In the light of the previous chapters, this all-gathering chapter explores different facts related to consciousness, without any attempt to classify them. But we can sort...


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Scientistists (note 92), and often also the scientists, regularly make fools of themselves, claiming that there is no «observable» or «measurable» spiritual energy. This is purely playing on words, to denigrate a field that they do not like, because the concept of physical energy is a perfectly relevant analogy to describe some important behaviours of consciousness.

In physics, energy is what makes material objects to act: speed, heat, potential, etc. force the objects to move or transform in certain ways, and it prohibits other ways. There are different kinds of physical energy, which can change from the one to the other, but which are all measured with the same units.

In the field of consciousness, we similarly call «energies» some emotions, desires, etc. which push consciousness toward performing certain actions. For example, in a positive group, people feel the desire to make useful things. In a negative (or assaulted) group, people feel the desire to fight. This is called energy, and nothing else, by pure analogy with the energy of the physicists. It is just a very vivid way of describing things. There is no magic in there, no «irrational thinking», no anti-science conspiracy.

And if it is the New Age which popularized the idea, it is not because they would be especially pseudo-scientific, it is only because the concept of energy is recent! The best evidence is that spiritual energy was discovered several times, millennia before the physicists (Ki, Kundalini, etc.). However these spiritual movements do not use the metaphor of the physical energy, as it was unknown when they were created.


Of course, these spiritual energies have nothing in common with the physical energy, and scientists showing up in a Stonehenge ritual with a Wattmeter to measure the ambient enthusiasm will only make ridiculous of themselves - or rather odious. On the other hand, even the neighbouring farmers can feel this enthusiasm (as long as they connect to the ritual), which is conveniently called energy, because it makes us want to do certain things.


Some theories of the New Age, or «free energy», claim to be able to convert spiritual energy into physical energy, or vice versa. Others cite various forms of speculative energy such as «telluric energy». As always in this kind of things, I am open minded... but I wait for a working demo before sending a cheque, OK?

To be honest, I tried thirty years ago to check one of these claims, the «N machine» from Bruce Depalma, only to find a trite electromagnetic effect responsible of the «free energy» electric output: a voltage induced in the immobile slider by the rotating magnetic field. Of course, if we look on the Internet today, we still find the claims for «free energy». So we understand why I am not really enthusiast for testing anything like that on my own time or expense!

Energy and social recognition

(Permalink) An individual cannot live normally without the energy that others offer him, in the form of encouragement, appreciation, recognition, or even simply of presence. Children need to be recognized and encouraged by their parents, their peers, their teachers, the administrations, under penalty of quickly fail in school, or even to be severely disabled. Adults also need social recognition: that governments, employers, authorities, recognize them as individuals, and encourage them in their aspirations. A person who does not receive this energy is unhappy, depressed, and does not take initiatives. Therefore, before asking individuals to give (i.e. work or taxes), they need to receive (social recognition). And the countries or unions where individuals are left on the sidelines, economically or socially, are ultimately doomed.

The success of discussions is also highly dependent on energy. A good discussion, bringing new ideas or practical solutions, gives a desire to act (energy). But most people put obstacles in the way: their ego, neuroses, doubts, self-interest, inertia, not to mention «pub discussions» where ideas are stirred up without any intent to put them in practice, uselessly dissipating all the energy. The work which follows, to achieve the project, obeys the same principles: sane objective, encouragement and recognition make people want to act, to participate, while contradiction, authoritarianism, confusion, conflict, dissipate the energy. Even if we are paid, work is done only at a reduced rate.

However it is in the couple that the most energy is exchanged. In a loving couple, each partner encourages and helps the other, allowing him to be happy while deploying his activities and aspirations. This works very well and gives extraordinary results, even with very simple people. A couple who does not do this is not a couple, it is just legal prostitution. In a spiritual couple, the exchange of the yoga energies allow for the two spiritual bodies to mature much faster, and to reach a state of grace where unbelievable things become possible. Such a partner is then called paredre or shakti. We can also get there alone, by visualisation, but it is more difficult. To be noted, sex is just one of the ways for exchanging this energy, but it is not essential: it works also very well with chaste or Platonic couples, between friends, or between parent and child.


On the other hand, many people are energy thieves: by placing themselves at the centre of the situation, posing themselves as leaders, or as victims, problem denouncers, false lovers, etc. they capture the energy of the group, or of a targeted person. Sociopaths (chapter V-13) are of course the masters of this «art», but many others also do it. Indeed, unlike money, energy is not regulated by law! So all kinds of scams and lies are then possible, and only our understanding of this domain can protect us. Beware to anyone who «does not feel» the energies: he can be exploited like a packsaddle donkey! And he will be!

This is the true reason why the materialists deny the energy: it is to be able to steal it unnoticed and unpunished! And they don't restrain themselves, they are even very good at this. Try to speak them of a poetical meaning of life, in one of their «modern» tech temples, and you will see how bad they make you feel. This is energy theft!

Others give energy by calculation, which is even more dangerous. We realize it by a sensation of being «pulled» towards something, like the slight tension of a pickpocket on our purse, while he talks nicely to us. Of course if we frustrate them of what they try to steal, the nice talk stops abruptly.

Others take or give at random, according to the uncontrolled vagaries of their inner chatter. We recognizes these people when the relationship brings hiccups: after a good relationship was started, a «problem» stops it abruptly, a bit like when the chain of a bike gets suddenly stuck. And after all goes well again, without any apparent reason. If we try to speak of this to the person, he may reply yes I understand, or not, but any case he will not change, as he has no control over the chaining of his thoughts.

Others finally let themselves be milked, finding their tranquillity within a slavery where they do not need to ask questions. They are the most dangerous, because they give force to the manipulators or dictators, by multiplying their action.

In any cases, it is cautious never to place oneself in dependency, nor of energy thieves, neither of submissive people. The connection with Transcendence (chapter V-6) allows to survive despite loneliness or adversity, but without however replacing the happiness of an honest and healthy relationship with other psychologically balanced people.

The Samaya

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The Samaya is an important concept of the tantric practices, which proves to be very useful in everyday life.

Basically, the Samaya is the quality of the relationship between a master and a disciple: enthusiasm and confidence. In order for such a quality to develop, the master must of course demonstrate the qualities or achievements expected from him. The disciple can then generate enthusiasm for the study and the practice, without fear of being misled. The results then appear quickly, in any case much faster than practising without enthusiasm with a tedious master. It is therefore understandable that it is vital, in the interest of the disciple, that nothing must breach the confidence of the disciple in the master. The latter must therefore behave in an irreproachable way, under risk of discrediting his whole current of thought. But we also understand that quarrels, insinuations and calumnies are extremely harmful, as they break the confidence of the disciples. The people who propagate them are then called Samaya breakers, and are considered the worst enemies of the human mind. This point is so important that it is recommended not to mention even the real problems, as long as they do not threaten the disciples.

The daily application is then obvious: we all experience enthusiastically entering a group, a movement, a place, a country, etc. This group or place then appears «magical» to us, in the sense of marvellous, haven of peace, realization of our dreams, etc. When this happens, everything attracts and appeals to us: style, sounds, people, their voices, the food, and so on. Let us call this sensation the Samaya. Then, one day, someone brings accusations, or creates a quarrel. It does not have to be serious, to destroy all these sensations: the magic is then lost, and the group appears dull, commonplace, or worse. The Samaya is broken. And those who did that move away, satisfied with themselves, in search of another group to destroy.

There are many examples:

-The hippie movement, broken by drugs and tramps («zonards» in French, note 89).

-Second Life, broken by the denigration of the media and the aberrant behaviour of its managers. I know the story well, for having invested in this wonderful virtual community. The Samaya was broken in 2008 when the managing company Linden Lab chased the poorest with incredible price increases. But these poorest were the ones who animated the community! Second Life never recovered of it. I remember, at first, everything seemed magical and wonderful in this virtual world: the people, their constructions, their music, their festivals, their ideals, and even all these strange computer gears making a world appear to us! But after incredible abuses by Linden Lab, even leading to suicides, «SL» was felt as hostile and dangerous. Curiously, it is the companies which were the first to leave, from 2007. Maybe they also need the Samaya to run...

-Even sects have a factitious Samaya, which holds back the disciples. But of course this false Samaya is necessarily broken when the disciple realizes the problem. Often when this happens the disciple abandons spirituality. This is why the sects, far from being «friends» or even «close to us», are in fact the most dangerous enemies of the human mind.

Chi, Chinese medicine and Feng Shui

(Permalink) The ancient Chinese Taoist tradition developed for long the notion of spiritual energy, which it calls «Chi». Well, pretense scientists state clear and loud that we cannot observe the Chi, or that it is «not scientifically proved». But in real, we observe the Chi very well, with Taoist meditations like Tai Chi, or in martial arts such as Kung Fu. But not with a Wattmeter... since it exists only in the consciousness domain!

Chi or Tai Chi are excellent spiritual disciplines, which make us discover a world of peace and harmony. We can assume that they have a beneficial effect on health, through their action on the mind, or their physical action. However I do not know any scientific confirmation of the medicine by the five elements. These elements have no place either in the theory of the logical self-generation. However we can admit that some people can produce effects by parapsychological means, or a placebo effect (chapter II-9), using either a belief in these five elements, or a visualization using these five elements.

Feng Shui is a traditional Taoist art of arranging buildings in a landscape. The resulting harmony gives the residents a sense of being well integrated in the landscape, and it can therefore significantly contribute to their well-being. This gives a great value to Feng Shui, as an art of arranging places, among other similar arts. However I am not sure that a Feng Shui arrangement can for instance make us become rich...

Ok, I know people who did it... and it worked! Then...

So it seems that everything depends in facts of our ability to meditation, no matter what ritual we use, or which visualization is done.


Things like «form waves», Ley lines, «telluric energies», «orgone» etc. seem much speculative.

The «Devas».

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Virtually all the traditions of the world consider various «nature spirits», linked to a peculiar place, able of influencing the quality of life in this place. Only the Christian world ignores them, and its heir the scientistism (note 92). The West however rediscovered them recently under the Hindu name of «Devas», unfortunately unsuitable, since in India this name is for the angels. The spirits of nature are known as the «Nagas», which literally means: snakes, which are positive and keepers of wisdom in the Hindu world. Let us call them the spirits of places, as others began to do.

Question we are already used to: we explained both the concrete reality and consciousness, by logical self-generation systems; thus how do the spirits of place come in? We can assume that, just as the appearance of a material brain is the root cause of a consciousness which continues to self-generate after, while remaining linked to a brain, then the complex exchanges in ecosystems could also be the cause of a consciousness, or at least of an energy (see above) giving a spiritual life to some places.

The massive and anarchic destruction of nature committed by our civilization certainly caused the death of thousands of such entities; this is very detrimental to us, because it is highly likely that a symbiosis united us with them. The loss of this organic and spiritual bond with nature probably contributed to some mental and physical degeneration easily observable in the artificial world of the cities.

It seems that it is possible to communicate with the spirits of the places. How to do so? Simply by going on a place, while focusing on the various sensations (presence, vibration, poetry...) of the place, and then by exposing our wishes for the place: life project, a kind of harmony or poetry, spiritual foundations, protection against aggressions... in any case for benevolent purposes, of course. A small symbolic offering is not unwelcome. Of course, do not expect any concrete reply, on behalf of abstract entities. But little by little you will feel better in the place... The next visitors too.

An example of devas «cult» is the act of hugging trees. Besides the very observable reload in energy (see above), the fact of performing such gestures («absurd» for a Muggle), just as of any ritual gestures, helps to connect us to the spiritual world, as seen in chapter V-6 (the divine paradox). Of course do not do that in the presence of Muggles, because it puts their system bum above head, and some may even have dangerous reactions.


It is difficult to scientifically state that the spirits of the places really exist as autonomous consciousness (without mentioning the thousands of mythological representations). However to consider them as real has fantastic advantages. Indeed, we all have a vital need of communion with nature. Our sensory system (our sensuality) weakens without it, leading to all these grey and indifferent people that we see in the streets of the towns. Even a simple daily contact with earth and elements is indispensable for our health. Then, to adore nature, and to see here the work of fairies, or to hug trees, has at least an effect: on ourselves, on our own construction, our own happiness. And this can be checked immediately!


(Permalink) Added on june 14, 2021: The habit in spiritual or religious circles is to consider angels as real characters, superhuman and endowed with strong magical powers, emanations or agents of God (from the Greek «angelos», a «messenger»), that only highly evolved beings can actually meet: prophets, saints, etc.

What if the explanation of «angel visitation» experiences was much simpler, much more everyday, and above all accessible to everybody?

It is indeed very common to feel a presence besides us, during meditation, it happens even to beginners. I asked what is the meaning of this to several lamas, and they replied, either not to pay attention to these, or to consider them as our Yidam.

What if these common visions were the same as what saw the great mystics of the past? Which they would have interpreted as the visit of some figure from their religion? This would explain a lot, and especially remove the terrible separation between «great mystical mystics beings very special and blessed by the gods» and us ordinary people too insignificant to deserve such favours. This also explains why we never see angels appearing before us in our room, whereas in real they would come nearby everyday in our meditation!


Still, it remains to understand what these visions really are: whether they are mere appearances rising into our spiritual consciousness, with nobody behind them, or whether they are indeed visits from spiritual entities existing independently of us. In facts, I could not figure that, and both interpretations have pros and cons, and they curiously lead to similar recommendations. So I consider them non-dual.

A number of facts can be noted, however:

- These visions only occur during meditative states of mind emptiness, immediate danger, or during sexual pleasure (states of consciousness which neutralize the neural ego, chapter V-10, so as to technically allow for the experience).

- Unlike the ordinary imagination, they cannot be provoked.

- They are available for a few minutes to a few hours, during which they can be recalled. But after that, they disappear and do not recur in the same way.

- They don't care about our sexual taboos, and they send the energy where it best enters.

- They do not give any identity or factual information (except to avoid an immediate danger).

- They cannot be controlled, not even can they be fixed in a specific character. If our ego tries, they disappear. Or an overly naive ego can lure itself by replacing them with its own imagination. Which is useless, because imagination only reproduces our own prejudices.

- The way they appear, as well as the absence of psychotic symptoms, excludes psychiatric disorders.


In the end, there are two possible explanations:

- They would be creations, not of our neural ego, but of our spiritual consciousness. This origin still makes of them true messengers («angelos») of the Transcendence (the «part of God» in us, or our «Buddha nature», chapter V-6).

- They would be «spiritual visitors», disembodied persons visiting the living to help them progress. They would try to communicate with us when we are in a receptive non-ego state. Not necessarily «great mystical beings» then, but still real persons, in any case kind enough to help us!

In either case, they deserve the respect due to people, and the advice to consider them as our Yidam (or Shakti/Shakta) is relevant. They do not provide spiritual teaching per se, but their energy purer than ours can inspire or help us greatly.


(Permalink) Many people think that we can receive information of God, Angels, disembodied persons, ancestors, etc. in the form of signs. For example we see a beautiful rainbow the day where we meet someone: it is interpreted as a sign that the person is positive. There even is a recent spiritual path, the Celestine Prophecy, which gives a great importance to such signs and coincidences.

I'm a little sceptical, because such coincidences happen often... but we give them a meaning only if we wait for a sign!

In addition to this statistical argument, comes a consideration of «practical spirituality»: if entities, of any kind there may be, have the power to send us such signs, then it would be much more efficient for them to send less power hungry messages, and above all clearer messages, from both their origin, and especially their exact meaning. A signed email, in plain language, rather than a advert spotted randomly on youtube. I once followed the «signs», and it was a disaster.


Real messages operating in this «practical» way are moments of superconsciousness, which inform us of dangers. I think that it is possible to reproduce this state with advanced meditation. But we are not going to receive a message every time!

It happened to me several times to be notified of a problem by premonitory dreams or by superconsciousness instants.

Another type of real messages are repetitive dreams. However they are encoded according to psychological symbolisms which makes their interpretation difficult, and even dangerous. I was trapped once, taking a warning for an encouragement... it was more my fault than of the dream, I admit, because it was clear, direct and textually explicit. But I had not the courage to accept it... The problem against which it warned me arrived a few days after.

I had some very useful repetitive dreams, and others that I am still wondering what they mean. Also see chapter V-8.


I would however not discard signs occurring from animals (who are conscious beings, and thus more receptive than objects to spiritual urges. At least more receptive than our encumbered minds and frantic egos). For instance, owls entering home are a sign of impeding death (I have seen this). On the contrary, nice birds are good omen, probably of spiritual advance. Non-aggression by dangerous animals (I have seen this with vipers) or ravens coming close may be a sign that we are accepted by the local spirits of nature (see above in this chapter). The easiest case to reproduce is the «pact with the snakes» of North American Indians, a reciprocal non-aggression pact that I also saw working in France.

This kind of things smell a lot the ancient alchemy grimoire, Kaballah or African sorcery, but they may be an evidence that precisely tens of thousands of years of prayers contributed to the building of a spiritual fabric around us. An admittedly very pragmatic form of spirituality, but of which future mankind may have a vital need.


(Permalink) (This paragraph modified in March 2022) The origin of this word and this concept is not well known to the general public. Although this origin enlightens the meaning a lot. I would give credit to Kandinsky, one of the main abstract painters, who also was a musician. He noticed that colours are just as capable as sounds of arousing emotions. Hence the transposition of the idea of sound vibrations to colours. And his attempts at «abstract» painting which purpose was only to arouse the said emotions, through the play of colours, as with a music keyboard. In this way he was simply continuing the work of the Impressionists, if we accept that «impression» equals «vibration». Probably the maturing of the idea and the word also owes to his conversations with Helena Blavatsky (Theosophical Movement, fictional Buddhism of the early 20th century). But the concept was only really popularised by the Hippies, so that they are often credited for it. In fact, the Hippies only responded to a strong demand for the concept, which is now available to all.


There again, it is about an element of the experience of consciousness, linking the raw sensation (colour, odour) with the attraction or disgust it generates, and which would describe the immediate effect a sensation has on the mind. Vibration is what we feel when we receive the sensation, and which continues afterwards, sometimes for hours. While sensations have direct causes in the brain, tt is likely that vibes exist only in consciousness.

For example, pure and harmonized colours, a friendly meeting, give a feeling of well-being: these are «good vibrations» (We also hear «high vibratory rate»). Dirty colours, bad smells, hostile people, paperwork, provoke a feeling of disgust, of danger: they are said to have a «bad vibration». Good vibrations make us feel good and happy, while bad ones make us feel uncomfortable, or even disgusted.

One thing which makes me laugh out loud is that some people say that we cannot perceive vibrations, and therefore that they would not exist. It is a bit as if a colour-blind person would say that colours do not exist, everyone would laugh. Or worse, as if we were in a society where the colour-blind majority would say that the ones who see colours are mad. Nobody would like the joke, in this case. To perceive vibration is very easy, very well known, and even so commonplace that many people do not realize that they do it daily.

Thus, any good painter knows to make a portrait without changing its vibration, and the comics masters (Hergé and many others) have the genius to express it on a face with three strokes of their pen: so, even if you see a character for the first time in a Tintin album, you know right away if he is a nice, a villain, an honest, a traitor, a smart, a stupid... and the «experimental verification» always awaits you a few pages later!

In life, we can also be instantly informed on hidden aspects of the personality of an unknown person, simply by looking at his face a few seconds. But we must have seriously mastered our own psychological bias to correctly interpret the vibrations that we perceive. Otherwise we only «perceive» what we project on the person!

Especially, we must note that this perception has nothing to do with things like physiognomonia, an «official pseudo-science» of the 19th century, claiming to deduce psychological traits from the proportions of the face. Indeed, this physiognomonia was based on an arbitrary «analytical» interpretation grid (it worked like astrology), based on various racial and genetic prejudices of this epoch. What I am talking about here is completely different: a spontaneous feeling, non-analytical, and independent of the race or the proportions of the face. There is nothing extraordinary or unexplained here: just as a face easily tells that the person is happy, sad, angry, etc, it can also tell deeper and permanent personality traits.

That this sense can work is probably because a state of mind can have an effect on the shape of the face (with maintaining constant postures, which become permanent), the walk, the tone of the voice, etc. This would provide subtle clues (not seen consciously) but sufficient for our sense of expressions to give us an usable information. Personality traits such as vulgarity, violence, pride, are especially visible, to the point that most people see them.

I think that this sense is reliable in its principle, but that our sentiment towards a person is strongly conditioned by our own experiences. It can therefore be quite difficult to get a neutral judgement in this way, without psychoeducation.

It is worth noting that, in virtual worlds, this sense keeps some efficiency. In this case however, facial expressions are of no help, since faces are purchased ready-made, and always flattering. But other indices can be used to guess the personality, for example the choice of clothes, or the text chat.

It should at last be noted that, contrary to what is found in some writings, there is not «something», etheric or whatever, which would «vibrate» (being animated by an alternative movement). Vibrations are only sensations, and this expression is purely an analogy with radio. Strange and inappropriate I must say, but consecrated by usage. We can still wish for a better expression.

An important part of the perception of vibration is the effect of smells. In our sanitized modern world, where our animal roots are an object of shame and silence, we scarcely speak of body odours (or we hide them with bizarre «perfumes»). Yet the smells in general are much more effective to carry vibrations, good or bad, to the point of conditioning our attraction or disgust much more efficiently than colours or sounds. We shall see in chapter VI-9 how this affects our relations with the body, and in chapter VI-16 how this affects the future of Mankind.


Like many important concepts, this word has been horribly misused, ridiculed, and even linked to drugs. The reason for this is to make us lose an important power over our lives: sensitivity to the quality of life.

Awareness of the notion of vibration came about in modern times, with the emancipation of the mind. However, since time immemorial, people devoted a significant part of their resources and energy to this thing. The search for good vibrations can be seen especially in religious rituals, be it in the mass or in Hindu temples. It shaped the romantic ideal as early as Crete, where people painted flowers when Athens and Rome were still peasants villages.

However, bad vibrations bind us to evil, while good vibrations bind us to the good. This is why spiritual practices of all kinds teach us to love the high vibrations of beauty, fragrances, beautiful colours, peace and harmony. This could be even more important than a moral behaviour!

Negative social movements, on the contrary, lead us to the lowest vibrations: cacophonic music, grey or dirty colours, violence, hatred, dirt, conflicts, which all bind us to evil.

Vibes also are an outstanding criterion in arts and political choices (chapter VI-9), and so all serious candidates consecrates a substantial part of their program to a more beautiful and pleasant life.

If neurological consciousness, its neuroses and negative tendencies often push us towards low vibrations, spiritual consciousness, on the contrary, seeks only the good ones. This is the reason why they appear very quickly in NDEs, and also in inspired dreams («visions of angels»). This is also the reason why spiritual practices seek the good vibrations, because they open the access to spiritual consciousness, whereas the bad ones prevent it from expressing itself, and can even lead us towards infernal experiences more surely than crimes.

Added in March 2022: the concept of vibration, a pure product of the 20th century discovering radio, seems to have no precedent in spirituality. I did, however, come across the Sanskrit word «Spanda» used by a little known branch of Kashmiri Shiva Tantrism. Spanda is a pulsating light, emanating from the activity of the highest consciousness. There have been exchanges with Hatha Yoga, where the highest chakra, Sahasrara, is formed of «vibrations». Does this correspond to the concept of vibration associated with all sensation, as discovered by Kandinsky and Blavatsky? It is difficult to say without practising this Tantra. Unfortunately, the Tibetan version, the ChakraSamvara (Heruka) Tantra, does not mention anything close to this.


Added in March 2022: What one could say is that, in the spiritual worlds, the vibration would be underlying, the «substance» of the mind, creating images, sounds and sensations corresponding to this vibration (something easy to verify, if we control our dreams or sleep paralysis, or even in common meditation), while in the physical world the vibration rises from objects... if we are not listening to the TV at this moment. This leads us to the next sub-chapter, vibrational repression.

The «vibratory repression».

(Permalink) People all are perfectly aware of vibrations, but if they do not have this concept in mind (or the word is ridiculed), then they use other concepts, other words: beauty, cleanliness, or on the contrary «freedom» (to be dirty). But above all, this missing concept makes them think that their own vibration is an universal norm. For example, I have seen leftists denouncing beauty as «bourgeois», while their reciprocal «bourgeois» consecrate much of their energy to shaving their hair and lawns, or adding grey filters on their photos (They do not bear the vibes of beautiful colors).


Vibration are denigrated a lot, because it is an important consciousness experience, and a radical antidote to materialism. Cutting us off from nature is also the aim of all the false accusations of pseudoscience or «cults». This is the case for example with the denigration of admiring the sunrise, etc. but also with boosting disinformation: cults, conversion of vibes into physical energy, etc.

Some of them bluntly assert that there is no such thing as vibrations. But all of them, without exception, know exactly what it takes to break vibrations or to repress them:

Noise is the most radical way of capturing people's consciousness, a perfect thought police, and it is surprising that Orwell did not denounced it first.

Indeed, how can we feel the poetry of a landscape in the sounds of chainsaws, lawnmowers, trucks? How can we meditate at home in the noise of vacuum cleaners, stilettos or compulsory HVAC? Why do motorways always pass through quiet areas? Why do most TV addicts never listen to television with headphones, if not precisely to annoy their neighbours?

Most noise could be reduced or eliminated. Example: I once plugged a garden hose onto the exhaust of my chainsaw. Of course, this hack lasted only a few seconds, but fact is that during this time my chainsaw was totally silent! This shows that the noise of chainsaws, lawnmowers and other motorized rakes could be drastically reduced, for a minimal extra weight, at least much less tiring than the noise.

On the road, the main noise of cars today is the resonance of tyres. This is because a tyre is a taut membrane, like a drumhead, and therefore it resonates. All you have to do is fill the tyre with a material which dampens this sound. For trucks, it is the turbocharger which depoetises kilometres on either side of the highway. An Ilmor engine would solve this problem, as well as the noise of cars in the city, while reducing pollution and greenhouse effect.

Some will say that the technical choices were limited by their cost: it would cost more to make quieter machines. So there would be a cost for the work, but not for the lack of peace and silence? Come on, come on, this manipulation is way too gross!

Flat or cacophonic music. The music majors and the media which bombard us with ugliness, platitudes or mawkishness would make as much money by offering us New Age, Space Ambient, Oryema, as with imposing their Bieber-Gaga-rap. So, why do they spend so much energy trying to unearth the lousiest, the dirtiest? Here again, the null and the flat prevent the blossoming of consciousness, and even of intelligence. The proof? There is one proof, and it is implacable: the people who force their music on us in the street never play Mozart.

Drugs, meat, smelly food, vulgarity, pornography, «modern» art, etc., are all part of the same scheme. Tobacco has the «advantage» of blocking the sensibility not only of the consumer, but also of others, through passive smoking!

The real role of advertising is not to publicise products. In fact, most advertisements show vulgar, disturbing, ideologically normalizing scenes (woman at housekeeping, man at the DIY store, as in the 19th century). If you look at a keyword at random on youtube, it is the same thing: grotesque faces, vulgar scenes, grey or brown colours, poop music, etc. And this is indeed organised, when unknown sites, «founded by advertising», domiciled in company suites, suddenly have the means to pay dozens of «bloggers»: most probably they overcharge for advertising, allowing hidden companies to finance these sites and thus monopolise the Internet (yes, you read correctly: to take over the Internet from us).

The rage to square everything: houses, lawns, trees, hair, dresses...

Harassment and mockery, which paralyses any normal life in a group.

False accusations of sectarianism, marginality, false social investigations, etc. This is what makes it very dangerous to carry out practices such as kissing trees, rolling around in the grass, naturism, etc.

«Vibration rate», «dimensions», «interdimentionnal vortexes».

(Permalink) The previous concept of vibration developed in the same epoch than the first radio links. An important concept in radio is that the transmitter and the receiver must be tuned on the same frequency. This was an obvious analogy with a common fact of the spiritual world: people are attracted together, if they are on the same «vibration rate» (if they have the same tastes). Similarly, disembodied consciousness may be attracted by incarnations, depending on their vibration. This is nothing other than what tradition calls karma!

Thus each spiritual universe would have its own vibration, which would result from the aesthetic choices applied here (or their absence in a physical universe, where all kinds of vibrations can then be met, according to the place or to the people)

In the theory of the logical self-generation, these spiritual universes exist each independently of the other, and especially they are not «classified» by vibration. (although it is conceivable that some are created in several versions). Thus the «vibration» results only from the content (although some spiritual universe may impose or prohibit certain vibrations).

So the idea is widespread in the New Age, that each universe has a «vibration rate». This seems relevant enough if this word is well used in its original meaning. Although I abstain myself of using this kind of vocabulary, which associates us with questionable sources and ideas.


Among the possible vibrations, some are obviously «coarse» (violent, dirty, pornographic) while others are «higher» (peaceful, beautiful, generous, etc.) However we hear the same adjectives used in a very different meaning: the material world would be made of «coarse vibrations», and the spiritual worlds of «subtle vibrations», this meaning invisible to the material senses. In this view, the vibration is no longer a feeling, but a substance!

So the Venusians or the Atlantis we never found in the material world would exist in the «subtle vibrations», that only a person with specific spiritual powers would perceive. As in the Lord of the Rings, where the Elves can perceive the spiritual world, parallel to the physical world. Problem, we are not in the world of the Lord of the Rings, and the folks pretending to see Venusians or Atlantis are not really Elves... But they have books to sell, or followers to suck energy from.

What we observe in reality in the NDE or sleep paralysis, are perceptions of our physical world, complemented by various characters, dreamlike or real. However this seems insufficient to constitute a «parallel universe» to ours, which would have its own determinants. Just we cannot exclude that disincarnated entities may involve in some spiritual activity in physical locations. This would also be the case of the «devas» above. A whole world of consciousness and meanings revolving around our physical world, but not strictly speaking another universe. It is closer to the vision of the Lord of the rings, in facts.


These parallel spaces postulated by the followers of the New Age or the «contactees» (chapter VII-2) are often called «dimensions». The origin of this expression is a misunderstanding of the mathematical concept of dimensions: the fourth dimension was understood as another place with still three dimensions, instead of a generalization of our three-dimensional space, as can be for example the spacetime. Notwithstanding, the followers of the New Age or contactees regularly visit «dimensions», which seems very interesting. Just pity that they do not tell us how to visit these places ourself. This is not by lack of asking, but each time I asked one of them, there always was something preventing him from replying me...


Finally the privileged way for these people to visit their «dimensions» is the «interdimensional vortex», which allows to pass from one universe to the other. Okay, I do not know what it looks like, and we do not see any exposed in New Age festivals. Even on Youtube, we never see any: they are always hidden behind clouds, or behind known images like the «Norwegian spiral» chapitre VII-5.


It will be understood that in this subchapter we gradually slipped down to the summits of high hogwash. However after quantum mechanics, alternate spaces do exist, and after the logical self-generation theory, spiritual universes exist too. And, from their very spiritual nature, their «vibration» (ambient, style) may play an important role in their definition and functionning.

We shall also see in chapter VIII-8 that things akin to «interdimensional vortexes» might really exist too.


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Auras probably are the area of spirituality where we hear the most tall stories. They are cultivated in several breeds, each adapted to defraud people with different belief systems:

😲 That auras would not exist.

😩 That only «greaaat maaasters» can see them, suggesting that we are too stupid.

😫 That auras can be perceived with different eye vision techniques. These techniques actually produce sensory illusions, which are well known and listed by specialists. Guess what, it was expectable that physical techniques would not produce any spiritual results.


In fact, the impression a person makes on us, the vibration we feel, can be translated into colours, since each colour has a vibration. The aura of people would be just that. And everyone can perceive them, even without being spiritual, and especially without any special gift inaccessible to us lame ordinary people.

However it is not a reliable perception, because we are much more influenced by the colour of clothes, hair, or accessories like tattoos, symbols. Our own neuroses can also easily mislead us, with prejudices on race, gender, hair, clothes, etc.

It is therefore better to ignore auras as long as our instrument of perception is so polluted. Personally, I sometimes feel colours when I see people. As this is not intrinsically a parapsychological phenomenon, I consider that I am not bound by the vow not to state about parapsychological gifts.

Astral and aetheric

(Permalink) Before the modern «vibratory planes», 19th century spiritualists postulated the existence of «the astral» (in reference to astrology) and of the «aetheric» (in reference to the scientific theory of the aether, that they took to the alchemists). By the time, the aether was not «pseudoscience», but «the accepted science theory». Indeed, aether was used to explain a lot of things in physics, but also in biology, like the transmission of will and sensations in the body. 19th century spiritualists, and even Rudolf Steiner, just read the sparce sciente literrature available to the public, in a time were science was still prattling in Latin into mouldy smelling leather books. Even until 1950, the public had no access to science (I remember that...), and still in 2000 the first version of this book contained the false version of Relativity spread in general public popularisation reviews. The Aether was refuted by Relativity only at the beginning of the 20th century, so that we cannot deny the spiritualists of the 19th century that they were in phase with science...


The «astral» is assumed to be made of «planes», each with their vibration, and inhabited by corresponding entities. These «planes» are in fact what is called an universe, like the notion of the multiple spiritual universes predicted by the theory of the logical self-generation. However the spiritualist «mediums» (just like the modern «channels» and «contactees») seemed to enjoy a strange privilege of being the only ones to «see» these worlds... Many scientists at the time, such as Flamarion, became interested in spiritism, which logically had to become a field of scientific study among others. But the abundance of cheating quickly disgusted them, and this failure remains the root of the today rejection of parapsychology by mainstream science (chapter II-9) (and is not the mass of New Age swindlers or so-called contactees which will mend things). I therefore conclude that we can effectively postulate the existence of spiritual worlds, but that the case of authentic communication with such worlds are rare. The only examples to my knowledge are the advanced NDE with visions of other worlds.


The «etheric» is supposed to be much closer to the physical world: according to the authors, it is a «plane» closely parallel to ours, or a «substance» existing in our physical space, responsible for things such as emotions, life, etc. For instance, Rudolph Steiner explained that the «chemical aether» would be responsible for the chemical composition of living bodies, while another variety would be responsible for their formation. In this, he just followed early scientists, who invoked an «aether» which would transmit sensations from the limbs to the brain. However, all these things were explained since, by the nerves, the genes, etc. So that today neither scientific nor spiritual justification of aether remains, which is not either soluble in the logical self-generation theory.


Steiner was a practical mind, and he based his assertions on various experiments (His educational system remains today one of the most advanced and original). However his experiments on the aether do not resist a closer examination. For instance, he claimed that we can see our «aetheric body» (aetheric double of the physical body). It was enough to place our hand before us, on a clear background, and watch it with a certain detachment. I made this experiment in the 1970s, and only few minutes were enough for me to see kinds of blue flames around my fingers, which, according to Steiner, were my «aetheric body». I was somewhat surprised to be so easily able of such a capacity of extrasensory perception, that my anthroposophist friends then considered extraordinary, a privilege of exception beings. Then I ended up finding the explanation: these blue flames are just a visual illusion, when we focus on a contrasted image, known as Troxler's fading. This produces a kind of adaptation of the retina, or afterimage, similar to a phosphene. If we continue to focus on this image, while following its contours as explained by Steiner, then this afterimage spreads on the clear background, taking the appearance of moving flames. Usually we do not realise this, because the visual cortex filters out this kind of defects in the retina. But meditation, by removing any prejudice on that we «must» see, allows us to be aware of this kind of mechanisms.

What I do not understand then, is why I was still the only one to see this... Oh, well, I understood after all: spirituality is not just having «spiritual opinions», dudes.


Denouncers of pseudosciences will love the previous paragraph. However people practising advanced meditations are perfectly able of being deeply moved by something so simple than a flower, this desperate attempt for beauty to exist in this material world. The feeling is then so strong that it becomes literally visual... like an aura. He he he...

Astral body, energetic body, chakras

(Permalink) The «astral body» postulated by the spiritualists is nothing else than our appearance in the spiritual worlds, such as we can perceive it in the NDE, the sleep paralysis or the OBE. There is nothing surprising in this: the image of our body is deeply implemented in our minds, and even in the most basic circuits of our brain. Then our disembodied consciousness, which uses to imitate our brain, offers us a precise image of our body, complete with the kinesthetic sense, exactly as our neurological consciousness does every night when we dream.

It is not sure however that this image is preserved when we reincarnate in another universe. For a physical universe, it is our birth which determines our physical appearance, which can be anything. For an unpleasant psychical universe, it could be something that we will not like, but that we built with our faults...

However paradise universes could function like the virtual worlds today: we may be able to change or choose our body appearance, and even have several of them. Under these conditions, we can be as beautiful as we want!


The various Tantric traditions offer us to work on this image as soon as today, by the meditation of the Yidam (spiritual model). However they add a specific item: visualization of channels (nadis) and organs (chakras), where «energies» circulate (see earlier in this chapter). Hence the name of «energy body» in the Western culture. But Eastern traditions rather speak of «Light body», «Rainbow body», or even «illusory body» to emphasize its intangible nature (in addition to its extreme beauty). These are ancient, deep and very effective practices.


In contrast, cults and scientistists (note 92) work hand in hand to make them each as ridiculous as the other. The cults with «demonstrating» the existence of the chakras with finding them «material counterpart», the scientistists by «showing» their inexistence by finding them no material counterpart! They are both as unlikely to find, since the chakras are just visualised objects!!! Illusory body, you were told. It is as if they were trying to catch a character on a cinema screen: even a dog quickly realises the error.


However we should not infer that these visualizations are arbitrary: All the persons feeling their chakras feel them in the same places. It is therefore an objective fact, within the meaning of General Epistemology. The origin is probably the neurological map of the sensitivity of the body, which itself could date back to the division in rings of the body of our worm ancestors, where each ring has a nervous ganglion, aligned along a central chord. We still have today three «worm rings»: the perineal cavity, the abdominal cavity, and the chest cavity. The fact is that they each have a chakra. The root chakra is also explained in the same schema, if we pass over the euphemism about its exact location. Our head and neck changed too much to keep the «rings», but we still have three centres aligned on the central column. Well, when we realize our spiritual body, it will complete itself with other channels and centres, including the two lateral channels and various sensitive areas of the body, which complement the basic vision and give a more human general look. And it is wonderful to feel coloured joys circulating along them!

As to an expression such as «opening a chakra», its explanation now appears obvious: this is when the practitioner feels the chakra, instead of only visualising it. As various obstacles can prevent this sensation, one speaks then of blocked chakra, and obstacles to purify. A mechanics who meditates in his garage sitting on a tyre can understand these things, as soon as they are explained properly, without fake mysteries.



The various Tantric systems give each a different list of the chakras and their properties. Some even do not mention the lower chakras, in order not to have to deal with the sexual desire (a very appropriate advice for children, but that some adults badly need to follow too). There even is some arbitrariness in the allocation of colours, symbols, functions, or even of astrological correspondences. However the traditional «reference» system remains the seven chakras of the Hatha Yoga. Personally, I meditate a sensual version of this system, without the symbols but with the functions.

In such practices, it is of great interest to visualize a body that we like, complete, mobile, functional, and as beautiful as possible: the spirit flourishes only in the good vibes. In addition, the kinaesthetic sense and the sensuality must be complete: to feel the movements, the grass, the wind, the perfumes, etc. I would warn against a too symbolic visualisation, static or abstract: consciousness feeds on sensations. If, in the afterlife, there is no need to eat, it is highly likely that there still is a need for a constant supply of sensations, experiences, emotions, and that any lack of them has unpleasant or dangerous consequences.

We shall speak again of the future evolved human body in chapter VI-16.



Incubus and succubus

(Permalink) Almost all the civilizations consider incubus and succubus as entities who exist by themselves, often evil. The modern belief as what they are evil extraterrestrials does just continue this archimillenary old scheme (see abduction in Chapter VII-2).

However modern research only grants them the status of dream visions, that is without any explanatory power. (See chapter V-8 on sleep paralysis). However they can, much more easily than dreams, be influenced by real entities, or be used in visualization techniques like the dream yoga.


(Permalink) Similarly, the Prana is a sensation. And nothing else. Trying to measure it with a Wattmeter is totally ridiculous, even a dog will not try.

As taught in Pranayama, one of the disciplines of the Hindu Yoga (ask for the nearest yoga lessons at your grocery store), the Prana is the feeling of well-being or stamina that we have when the body works well. The easiest way, taught in traditional Yoga classes, is breathing heavily: the slight suroxygenation brings a feeling of euphoria. Prana is this feeling, and nothing else. Physical activity does the same thing: adepts of sport call it «to be warmed» or «to be fit», and they are seeking this pleasant sensation. These sensations are objective facts, within the meaning of the General Epistemology, because everyone can feel them, depending only on specific and reproducible conditions.

I think that techniques like Pranayana are very useful for developing our sensuality and better inhabit our body. For this reason they should be proposed as soon as childhood. Later they are a good basis for spiritual development.

When our sense of Prana is developed, we can make of it a very powerful tool. Indeed, it responds to the food we ingest. Over the years, trying various diets and food sources, we can manage to develop a detailed sense of hunger: not only the quantity, but also the quality. What the body needs. My first experience was to replace meat with plant proteins, instead of simply «stopping the meat». While I was a great lover of sausages of all kinds, it only took me a few months to entirely reprogram the whole system and eliminate any desire for meat, without effort, at a time where I had yet no idea of what meditation is. So there is nothing difficult here, and those who speak of «sacrifice» just make me laugh! We can even find if fruits contain Prana or not. (Healthy and ripe fruits have, chemical or badly ripened fruits don't).


Misconceptions about prana

(Modified on June 28, 2020) Some people think that Prana can be converted into physical energy, by confusion with the latter. This supposes that Prana would be an «energy» or a substance existing in the world. But Prana is not something external to us, which would be difficult to obtain. On the contrary, being a creation of our own mind, we can enjoy it at will.

Another «interpretation» is the one of negative ions. Not only my tests gave nothing, but it is in fact anti-spiritual: a doomed to fail attempt of a material explanation of a feature of consciousness.


Apart from these mistakes, there also are many intoxication schemes denigrating the Prana. The most elaborate is the one about pranism, or inedia, or respirianism. Several French media, wikipedia and the French miviludes (the ones who accredited the extraterrestrial base in Bugarach) describe the movement as important... when in fact there are no known followers, and as they state themselves, only one or two people promoting it. And no Internet sources! In fact, since prana is only a sensation, and not a substance existing in the world, it is just physically impossible to feed with it. Only people with great parapsychological powers could live without eating. Letting oneself die in this way would be totally stupid: the weight loss would show us precisely that we do not have this parapsychological power, long before being in danger.

So we have a classic case of boosting disinformation, aiming at discrediting the authentic spiritual teaching of Pranayama, by confusing it with nonsense. And it is not by ignorance, but really from a will to harm: honest sources would start with giving the correct definition of Prana, as I do here. (The reference being Patanjali's Hatha Yoga, but there are many other valid sources, using other concepts). None of the quoted sources do so, signalling a conscious and deliberate will to manipulate. Even the Wikipedia page confuses things with many misinterpretations and divergent concepts, leaving it up to the reader to find the right definition in this jumble. When you just have to ask your grocer... the Hatha Yoga class in your town. (being sure it really is Patanjali's Hatha Yoga, not some «modern interpretation» or «new spirituality»)

The denial of consciousness phenomena

(Permalink)The media, the «philosophers» who support the system, the politicians, and the «rationalist» scientistists (note 92) continually bombard us with assertions that none of the above phenomena exist, even those which everybody can observe daily: pseudo-materialist pseudo-explanations, pseudo-scientific theories on consciousness (chapter V-2), pseudo-scientific studies giving neurological «explanations» to all our thoughts, intimidation of religions, accusations of sects, etc.

Such a situation is totally ridiculous, and is the exact reciprocal of the ancient religious propaganda, where false priests bombarded us with statements as arbitrary as peremptory about God and His morals. In both cases we find the same denial of real consciousness. These antics are what happens every time we make a revolution without trying to solve our neuroses: we just show the other side of the same coin, without any real progress (Chapter I-4).

And these two intellectual impostures serve the same purpose in both cases: to maintain a power in place. In the past it was the power of the priests, based on a supposed theological knowledge that God would have conferred on them. Today it is the power of the new financial nobility, who control their media clergy, and who funds the materialistic science. But why do these people feel disturbed by our poetic emotions and our spiritual experiences? Isn't it enough that they already possess our bodies, our work, our countries, our media, our planet? For a very simple reason: if enough people were interested in something else than their ego, then they would stop voting for the single right-left party, and above all they would start practising altruism instead of this useless capitalist competition: this would collapse all the economic restrictions which allow capitalism to exist.

Even the trade unions are part of the problem! The trade union activist probably is the most prosaic creature that Darwinian evolution ever created in four billions years. And it is not by accident: in the right-left non-duality, the trade union is the «nice» term, which «protects» us from the «evil» boss. But both serve exactly the same system! The carrot and the stick, as the popular expression goes, are wielded by the same hand. And the employees, trapped in their dualism, then engage in a struggle from which nobody can ever emerge victorious: it is impossible to eliminate one of the terms of non-duality (chapter I-3 and following).

Astrology, numerology, etc.

(Permalink) Some though they could demonstrate the truth of these «sciences» by invoking the above assumptions such as the astral or the etheric. Especially, in the 1970s, an astrologist such as André Barbault published a fascinating correlation between the eccentricity of the Sun and world crisis. We were not far from a scientific demonstration of astrology! However he himself recognized that this correlation did not continued since. Complex and random events often show spectacular correlations, which are however the fact of mere chance, and do not continue after.

Spiritual influences are possible, we saw the moments of superconsciousness, and there will be others in chapitre VII-3 and chapitre VII-4. However these influences are urgent answers to vital stakes, with no connection to the position of the planets or our date of birth... and we do not see why they should have one.

Biorythms similarly lack any theory, and failed all checks. In more, such an accuracy is hard to explain in a biological organism.


And then, if astrology was a science based on exact facts, western astrology and Chinese astrology should give the same results... and they should have noticed the precession of the equinoxes!

Thus the General Epistemology brings a denial of astrology or numerology, which I think is much more solid than the one of materialism. Indeed, materialism bases itself on a dogma to refuse to see certain things, while General Epistemology must demonstrate its assertions. So that there is no more any place to say «and if science was censoring...»


Okay, I find annoying that environmentalists and organic farmers are still using astrology to predict the weather, instead of watching the forecast on the Internet like everybody else. But what to do?







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