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Happiness of All Beings


On this page, a short introduction to the different rubriques of this site and of its content: Purpose, novels, 3D virtual worlds, researches, the Shedrup Ling university, take action, resources for a better world (site map), friendly sites.

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Purpose of this site

Impossible to try to say that our nowadays world is perfect: many beings suffer, from naturaly occuring events as much as from deliberate human actions, and incredible destructions are going on.

Seeing this, I choose to give for purpose to my life to contribute to fix this.

However, I shall not try to fix some losses while thousand worse is occuring elsewhere. I want to try to fix the basic causes: the origin of human actions is necessarily in the human mind. It is thus to this human mind that we must try to communicate altruism, ethics, poetry, beauty sense, and above all a strong desire to live, to be happy!

However I know that this approach can reach only those who will accept to read this site, or others consecrated to similar purposes. About «the others», all those who refuse to involve in anything else than their «interests» or their beliefs, whose that the prophets of the past neither the nowaday great beings could reach, I think it must be a fundamental research objective of our society than to try to communicate with them. Perhaps in the Shedrup Ling university...


Books and novels

A fiction book is a mean to convey a colourful and poetic message, often more friendly than only intellectual explanations.

The marvelous world of the Eolis

Love, happiness, harmony, nature, gentleness, poetry, utopia, spirituality, ecology. On a paradise planet, live, lose and sing the gentle eoli peoples. To experience a perfect and eternal happiness does not prevent them to think that somewhere else other beings suffer. So they undertake something...

The Gardens of Aeoliah éoline près de sa maison potiron Stranded on Earth

Science fiction

A science fiction which is not based on imaginary discoveries, but on extrapolation of real nowadays quantum science, with humanly warm and idealistic characters... For the fans of Jules Verne.

The Missing Planets - Dumria - Lokuten.

The marvellous world of the ELVES

The Lord of the Ring popularized the Elves, who are beautiful creatures, kind and wise. From here these inspiring stories:

An Elvish Dream - The Elves of the Dauriath



Virtual worlds are a fantastic occasion for artists and visionaries, to offer the emotional and realistic experience of the immersion into a better world: marvellous landscapes, or warm communities of people sharing such a vision.

The best solution today (2020) seems to be the Halcyon system, nearby the only one to protect our intellectual property. I created here an Elf group «Elf Dream» that you can join!


However in the recent years the possibilities of the virtual worlds were often counteracted by the ideological or technical vagrancies of the companies which make the virtual worlds possible: wantonly closure of the Deuxième Monde, absurd management of Second Life... My own creations in VRML (on this site) are falling victim of this censorship, and it is more and more difficult to access them.

For this reason, I propose a multi-users virtual worlds system which would not depend on barmy companies, which make us pay for our work, just to destroy it after.

The VRML langage, today abandoned without reason, however was an interesting standard. For this reason, I invested a lot of time, for the creation of some marvellous scenes. If you still can, enter the main hall, and access all the VRML scenes of this site:

Enter with the Cortona VRML browser - How to see the VRML worlds



Here it is about research, theories on various subjects, with books which pursue a basic thinking.

The general epistemology

how to understand universe, not only about physics, but also of consciousness.

Physical science acustomed us to astounding results in the material domain, thanks to rigorous methods (scientific epistemology). But we can see that these methods, with some adaptation, can be transposed in other domains, as ethics and spirituality (science of the mind) and give access to an exact knowledge, free of any notion of «belief» or «opinion». Non-Aristotelian Logic, metaphysics, consciousness, ethics...

True Economy

Economy, ecology, happiness, utopia, ethics: positive and radical, no money, based on the true and only role of economy in life: To make means for happiness available for everybody.

Abduction, UFOs

Unlike what I was explaining in the year 2000, the phenomenon of «alien abduction» was finally explained by sleep paralysis, which greatly limits its interest. However there are still strange similarities between the scenarios of sleep paralysis and those of the true CE4. The later, and the whole UFO phenomenon, remain still unexplained, despite several scientific studies which all the same conclude to their physical existence.

The Shedrup Ling University

A la base, l'idée m'est venue en rédigeant mon livre « Epistémologie Générale»: une université dont le but principal serait d'enseigner et de faire de la recherche scientifique selon les bases de cette épistémologie scientifique, élargie aux domaines de l'esprit. Pour le moment ce n'est qu'une idée. Mais si d'autres sont intéressés...

Take action

A compassionate motivation for happiness of all beings does certainly not forbid to take the whip when there is no other mean to be understood. Here is a small list of peoples who made trouble to me, out of stupidity of out of purposeless spite. If some want to be also into this list, no problem...

Children rights violated in France

In France, however country of human rights, the children protection services still arise some serious concerns, and, after many others, my children had to suffer incredible forgeries and discriminations from before 1789.

Saving times still continues to happen every year!

Tobacco and alcohol are drugs like the others!

Internet and Freedom

Today there is a great freedom on Internet, so much than some take profit of it do do evil things. But the indispensible regulations may be a pretext or a mean to censor the net...

Epidemics and basic hygiena

Bacteriological warfare, AIDS, SARS and other new epidemics to come are very serious threats, but it is however easy to protect ourselves thanks to some well known and evident hygiena practices. Only egocentricity and mindlessness are dooming us.

Inverted racisme and sexism

If racism, sexism and religious discriminations are still far from being all uprooted, inverted racism, inverted sexism and «lay» discriminations also arise serious problems. This happens because many people just changed opinion, but without abandoning their dualistic mind.

Refexions on European constitution

It was not difficult to find better than the one which was imposed to us...

A duty of memory: The Dark Years

The nazi morons, I did not knew them. But we are at a serious need to hear at those who remember, if we don't want to see this again one day.

Did leaded gazoline made a whole generation less intelligent?

The loss of ideal of the youth, in about 1980, matches with the generation which started to breathe lead. If this relation is exact, we should see the return of positive movements, with the arrival of the lead free generation. if no other pollutions destroyed intelligence since...

Resources for a better world

- Links toward sites with reflection, action, information

- Books

- Musics

- Products

- Pages of reflexion, plans, recipes...

...useful for a more happy life and to build a world more friendly, human and ecological.

Note: I do not necessarily endorse ALL the content of these books and sites.

Friendly sites

These sites had the kindness to make links toward my site. So I return them this kindness.


The Gentle Likpas, an sci-fi funny online comic, new creation in progress.


The Marvellous eolis, an online comic and novels, the wonderful planet of the Eolis, new creation in progress.


WEM Kailye, an attempt to describe a web-based system of multiple connected virtual worlds «hypergrid», safe and interoperable.


Sci fan to make know new SF writers, near 10000 writers!


Loukoum & Cie english Blog about ecology and alternative ways of life, ideas and recipes.



The following sites seem to have disappeared, but they still deserve the homage:

«Un espace de vie fraternel» sur le web (A brotherly living space on the net) Fraternet, the site of Claudine du Chambon: humanitarian action, open Christianism. My site was featured as «The site of the week» from Oct 30 to Nov 5, 2000.

François Christel, mayor of a small village of the Morvan (mountainous region of France). Christianism, life and service...

A friend with whom I had a long correspondence: Lise St Amand, Québec, spirituality, astrology...

Bien Être de l'enfant (Well being of the child) Humanitarian association for protecting childhood, especially against legal injustices. Proposed the creation of a college of helpers for endangered families.

The site of Eric TRUANT: life, writing poetries and novels. PouettePoete

The RIAP (Research Institute on Anomalous Phenomen, archive) site of Vladimir Rubtsov. The RIAP bulletin.


In memory of a time where Internet WAS a social network, managed by its users.


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