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Note 2 The Zeeman effect is a variation of the emitting or receiving frequency of light by an atom, as a function of the magnetic field.


Note 3 An exoskeleton is a kind of armour surrounding the body. It does not hinder movements, merely detecting them. These movements are then transcribed to the character into a virtual world, which then walks and acts like the physical body. However, when one encounters an obstacle into the virtual world, then the exoskeleton opposes our movements into the physical world, with suitable motors. Thus we have a perfect feeling of being into the virtual world, and here to touch objects or other people.

One of the difficulties was that communications by satellites were too slow for these machines, and the losses of data were dangerous, resulting in very unpleasant shocks and even injuries. A subset of the Internet had to be designed, using only cables, and with a guaranteed reception.


Note 4 The Kagyupas (Oral Transmission), or Red Hats, are one of the four monastic schools of Tibetan Buddhism. It was the leader from the 12th century to the 14th, until the Gelugpas (the Virtuous), or yellow hats, took the direction of Tibet. The Kagyupas use all kinds of yogic practices, which are less in favour among the Gelugpas.


Note 5 A Tulkou (literally: emanation body) is a reincarnated spiritual master, who accepted this sacrifice in order to teach other beings and liberate then in their turn.


Note 7 The basis of the Tantric meditation is to visualize oneself as a deity, who is then called the Yidam. This practice helps to assimilate the qualities of the deity, and especially to develop a light body which will be useful after death.


Note 8 A geshe is a doctor in Buddhist science, fully allowed to teach the Dharma.


Note 9 To add the particle «La» after a person name is a mark of address in tibetan.


Note 10 A custom of Tantric Buddhism is to make flutes from human bones, usually the femur of a deceased monk (natural death of course). There is no morbid purpose, just a reminder of emptiness, especially of impermanence (note 14) of life. An effective reminder, as these flutes have a somewhat unpleasant shrill sound...


Note 11 Kagyupa monks consider that sexual tantric practices are a valid exception to their chastity vows. However many abuses arose from this rule, and this contributed to the creation of the Gelugpa order, which expressly exclude such practices for the monks, and do not offer them to lay practitioners. Hence the «Gelugpa» request from Geshe Kyoungpo La, that the nun abandons her vows, as this is requested to Gelugpa monks who however wish to engage into these practices.


Note 12 Preliminaries are a series of meditation practices which are requested to complete before engaging in the Tantras. Normally, the initiation comes only after. But in the disorder which accompanied the introduction of Tantric Buddhism in the West, the disciples were often thinking that they were allowed to engage in the Tantra as soon as the initiation received, hence the joke of Geshe Kyoungpo La.


Note 13 A Mandala is the abode of a tantric deity, who created his own psychical paradise where he houses his disciples. Mandalas are often figured with concentric circles and squares. The squares are figuring the palace of the deity, while the circles represent various protections which make the mandala indestructible and impervious to malevolent spirits. Some mandalas are regarded as entire universes, but all are, it is just a matter of size. The Semtokha Dzong in Bhutan and the most ancient Samye monastery in Tibet have the plan of a mandala.


Note 14 Death and impermanence are one of the basic concepts of Buddhism, describing the ephemeral and illusory character of the samsara (note 15), since we will have one day to give up everything, when we die, of course, but also to give up our possessions, our family and friends at the occasion of the unavoidable crisis of life in the samsara. To understand this illusory character leads us to build the motivation of obtaining a real and lasting happiness, in leaving the samsara.


Note 15 After Buddhism and Hinduism, the samsara is the existence state linked to suffering, that we are experiencing into this world. This suffering comes from the fact that we wrongly understand emptiness, the way things exist, a problem often worsened by hate or attachment toward people or things. These two religions propose to reach the Nirvana, a state without suffering, with training into varied meditations. However Buddhism goes further, with compassion (similar to Christic love) and the ideal of the Bodhisattva, who can renounce Nirvana, with the purpose of helping other people who are still suffering.


Note 16 The Boddhichitta is the desire to move forward on the path to enlightenment. It fundamentally differs from worldly desires such as belonging to a Buddhist clan, or to make fashioned rituals. The real Boddhichitta mind usually appears after serious crisis causing the extinction of the previous superficial desires. One distinguishes the relative Boddhichitta, the desire to help suffering beings, and the absolute Boddhichitta, the desire to understand the ultimate nature of things. Of course they are non-dual, as the first purpose can be achieved only when we understand the second.


Note 17 The chakras and the nadis are points and channels visualized and felt into meditations on energy. Their «opening» (when we become able to feel them) allows to start the high tantric practices.


Note 18 The Tantric practices are often called secret, as they are highly private, into the inner mind. In more, they are not disclosed to unprepared persons, as they would be very dangerous. But the word «secret» specifically sends to the fact that they happen in the psychical domain, of the pure mind, which escapes the functioning of the material brain. Only high practitioners are able to access this domain. Here the announced marriage will not be kept hidden, but it will be used for highly esoteric practices.


Note 19 A getsul, or a getsulma, is a novice monk or nun.


Note 20 Tegal was one of the leaders of the «anti-suicide conspiracy», a very upright person relative to his ideas, but who, into the name of his fundamentalist scientistist «ideal», was using without questions the most cruel and vicious method of manipulation and psychological stalking. We see, at the end of the book «Dumria», how he had learned to love life, thanks to a curious experience, the FAE, a kind of NDE provoked and led by the Buddhist master Sangye Tchögyal.


Note 21 NMR, or nuclear magnetic resonance, is a process which consists of forcing atomic nuclei to oscillate, using VHF radio waves and magnetic fields, and then observing the radio radiation they emit when they return to their natural state. These radiations vary according to the atom observed, its position, its speed, the molecule to which it belongs, etc. Complex machines measuring this radiation are then used to reconstruct 3D images or section of the human body, showing movements, the nature of biological tissues, etc. By 2000 these machines allowed to observe organs or tumours without opening and without the dangers of radiography or positrons machines. In 2102 their accuracy had increased at the level of a cell, allowing for example to target a cancer cell, see a virus. But their most important (and dangerous) contribution was the complete and detailed understanding of the functioning of the brain.


Note 22 A time return mirror is a machine which records all the radiation emanating from an object in all directions, and which returns these records backwards in time. For example, recording an explosion, then returning it, produces (ideally) a corresponding implosion. The main advantage of this system is that it can accurately hit a target, even if it is surrounded by other things which diffuse or scatter the radiation: the mirror rebuilds the original radiation, but inverted. In medicine this is particularly useful for reaching a specific organ in the body, using ultrasound or microwave radiation, while passing through other organs without being bothered by them, and without damaging them. One of the first applications was the machines for breaking down gallstones without causing any damage to the body.


Note 23 A recessive mutation is a mutation which has no visible effect, since it is borne by only one chromosome in each pair, the other chromosome providing with a still intact gene which however ensures the proper functioning of the organism. There are many recessive mutations, which only rarely produce diseases, when from bad luck both parents were bearing the same defective gene. So the recessive mutations are only slowly eliminated by natural selection. However, the irradiation due to the de facto nuclear war in the 1950 years, produced a large increase in recessive genes, which will result into some generations into a large number of couples bearing such genes, and the emergence of many new diseases.


Note 24 The Lamrims are basic texts of Tibetan Buddhism, which describe the whole spiritual path, starting with the creation of a correct motivation until the entry into the most powerful yogas. There are numerous Lamrims, published by a variety of masters and schools.


Note 25 on painful situations. Usually, we respond to pain by feelings such as rebellion, hatred, fear, submission, burial in unconsciousness. However, these reactions do nothing to solve the problem, on the contrary they add to the suffering. The solution explained in the Lamrim (note 24), requests to think that these painful situations and obstacles happen because of our negative karma. And only our ethical or spiritual practice can get us rid of this negative karma. Suffering, and even the small obstacles of our everyday life, can then be used as consciousness reminders, to increase our motivation for our daily spiritual work. This attitude transforms each failure into a victory, because even if we lose in the immediate and in the relative, in fact we accumulate the causes for a complete and imperishable future happiness. About the immediate stake, it greatly alleviates the suffering and emotions, thus liberating our minds for the application of the rational solutions to the problem. So it is a win-win way of thinking, efficient both on the concrete problem and on our future life.

It is like the Christian idea of «bearing our cross», but explained in a way to avoid the common confusions of mazochism or suffering being necessary to progress.


Note 26 Decoherence of a quantum state is simply its disappearance, dissipation, when the quantum object exchanges information with the world around it. This makes that these quantum states disappear very quickly, making them unobservable in our ordinary world. There are some exceptions, such as laser beams, which are light with a single quantum state.


Note 27. A FAE (Full Awareness Episode) is an NDE induced artificially by a spiritual master. A person who is submitted to a FAE is projected into the world of the spirit, where he has very positive experiences, which lead him to understand important things in life. NDE already have significant effects, although they are generally not controlled. FAE, being intentionally directed, has so powerful effects than criminals become honest, disabled persons or psychiatric cases come back healed.


Note 28 A texture is a region of space which has different physical laws. It is the analog in three dimensions of a surface which can be smooth or rough, of have different texture or colour. A space texture appears to our senses as a volume, with a defined boundary, where the laws of physics are not the same. For example, if the speed of light is different, the texture will look like a piece of glass reflecting and refracting light. But it would be possible to walk through without feeling any resistance, because it is still vacuum, empty space. If this vacuum was electrically conductive, then the texture would appear as a shiny metallic object. It would be still possible to enter in, as in a vacuum, but our bodies would be destroyed, because the laws of chemistry would be totally different. In fact the phenomena which produce physical textures are cosmological phenomena of an extreme violence, compared to our common universe, so it is impossible to approach or even simply observe these textures.


Note 29 These are reciprocal situations, into the meaning of quadripolar logic. This refers to two situations which look opposed to each other, but which are in facts non-dual. A common mistake is to believe we must choose on of the two and fight the other. But, as they are non-dual, they have exactly the same moral value or the same efficiency to realize the intended purpose.


Note 30 The ANA IQ is calculated while accounting non-Aristotelician (Non-A) reasoning capacities, as well as with Aristotelician (A) capacities.


Note 31 Maieutics is the art of making people understand what they want to say, deep into themselves, when they are not yet able to understand it and express it by themselves.


Note 34 It would be realistic that extraterrestrials have their own measurement units, such as the klatoos, the brwwagr, the xiilongs or the feet. But this would be inunderstandable, so I translate into common units.


Note 35 Magnetohydrodynamics is the art of manipulating or pumping gas with the help or magnetic or electrical fields. For this, the gas must be ionized, this meaning conducing electricity, for instance with an electric discharge. But this is generally possible only at low pressure, making it usable into the highest speed tubes, and not in the lowest speed tubes with more air.


Note 36 The existence of supernumerary nipples was a criteria of the inquisition to assert if a person was guilty of sorcery. As 5% of persons naturally have them, the narcissic perverts and sadists of the inquisition were sure to always find victims, wherever they were going, and be able to enjoy their favourite tortures without losing time into inquiries... Unless the search for supernumerary nipples was an exciting preliminary for their sadistic pleasure.

The expression «supernumerary nipple» was generalised to all the arbitrary and unsensical criteria allowing manipulators or sadists to stigmatise people at whim, without these persons being able to defend themselves, as this criterion is anyways naturally satisfied.


Note 37 The Condon Report (1968) is a known example, a basic case of scientific fraud, still unpunished (2011). As we can see, the scientist partners concluded to the existence of the UFO phenomenon, together with the absence of credible explanation. However the conclusion of the manager of the report is that the phenomenon does not exist, and it can be summarized to observation mistakes or psychology troubles. This mass manipulation, organised in advance by Edward Condon and Robert Low, is the main cause of the common idiotic psychological prejudice against UFOs and their witnesses.


Note 38 It is common knowledge that trees produce oxygen, but less that they also litmit its proportion in the air. This happens with forest fires. The intensity of fires highly depends on the percentage of oxygen in the air. Too low, fire cannot take place. Too high, forest would explode and fires would spread on thousands of kilometres, absorbing the oxygen. This makes that oxygen cannot pass the percentage it has on Earth today. Curiously, this principle applies on all planets having plants based on hydrocarbons, so that the air of all these planets could be breathable by humans. Detecting a planet with the same proportion of oxygen than ours makes quite sure that it has plants made of hydrocarbons.