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Children's rights violated in France



An incredible story: These two children, who already had to live into a sect, also had to bear the same kind of behaviour from a «children judge» and several «educators». Understand from peoples who act on behalf of the society. Thus how can we get out of a sect?

On this page: My testimony. -General concerns about children welfare.

New: (Juillet 2004) the french Outreau scandal: Ah si on m'avait écouté...

Who allows such problems to happen? - The solution: protecting the interest of the child

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«My» case (one among tens of thousands) started in 1990. At that time, I was still living into the (very small) sect «les Amis de la Douceur et de l'Harmonie" (The friends of gentleness and Harmony) (In the Pyrennées Orientales). After ten years of voluntary unpaid work in this group (masonry, roofing, garden, animation, review...) I had to admit that I was thanked in mistreating my new born son («harmonist» baths at 4°, no tenderness, held far away from me... what provoked a serious anorexia and a very visible distress) This was one of the worse moments of my life, and only the motive of protecting my children allowed me to do the right things: get out of this group, find a job (in 10 days, as a technician in the Toulouse space centre, heyhey) a home, and the like... and especially denounce all I had seen to the children protection services.

Without entering into far fetched details, in 1990 I was received by the children «judge», who heard at me lengthily, just to giggle in my back when I went out; to the family affair «judge» who even not heard at me, while the «attorney» of the sect presented the affair as a TV series psychodrama; at last I never met the «social worker» in charge of gathering my testimony at the occasion of the «enquête sociale» (inquiry about situation and way of life), but this person was still able to make a detailed report on my motives, where testimonies were thoroughly selected (nearby all the witnesses were members of the sect, and, among neighbours, only those friendly with the sect were quoted in the report). This report, void of any methodology (in a scientific context, its author would have been fired out) also contains many mind control tips: psychological interpretations (to rig myself with motives such as desire of revenge) justification after the event (to present facts in inverted chronological order, such as to say that the anorexia was «because of the father's prosecutions», when it is about this anorexia that I warned the justice) present the culprit as the victim (She inflicted herself most of the ill treatments, and she still plays a first role in the sect). Curiously I was able to obtain a copy of this «secret» report through my attorney at that time (the only useful thing he did) which shows in a strikingly way the absence of any method and objectivity in such documents. And all this chaos just to obtain a «shared parental authority» (autorité parentale partagée) which left nearby no power in practice (To «manage the asset»... but not to avoid to break heart and mind of the children!!! We immediatelly guess what kind of blokes voted for such laws!). And I had to do all this again two years later to obtain the right to take my children in holidays (Droit de visite et d'hébergement). I must however tell that, if I was, me, the victim, condemned to pay an alimony, I could obtain that this money went on an account on the name of the children, in order not to be used to fund the estate of the sect. (The money of the members being gathered in a common cash)

I was more than one year without meeting my children; my daughter was unable to recognize me, and had no remembering of her tender childhood with me. Before, she was lovely, clever and willing to help, I found back a shy and not merry little girl. I was myself unable to recognize my son when I saw him in the centre Foncaude at Montpellier, where he was slowly learning to love life again, thanks to the good cares he received here. On the other hand the hospital never gave my any written element on his medical record, only a vague and benign speech. So we can be very suspicious about them: experiment, mistake or medical misdeed... as for instance to take samples of intestine skin when he was obviously in complete emotional deprivation, to the point of violently refusing any other food that the breast.

In the times between 1991 and 1998 I wasted a fortune in travels and unpaid leaves, to take my children at all the holidays. And as if this was not enough, I had to fight two years against a guy who wanted to be their father in my place, against a group of quacks who wanted to circumcise my son, another school quack who denounced my children to justice because they were vegetarian, and at last «civil servants» of the Sécurité Sociale who constantly refused to refund medical expenses of my children when they were with me (A perfectly illegal thing, see the article 161-8 of the Sécurité Sociale code)

At last in 1998, in the sect, the problems with the children become so obvious (meal deprivations, stalking and unfair punishments, no contacts with other children, obstacles to school work, and still other things) that the social services reacted, and threatened the mother to withdraw the children. She thus asked me to take them, and I accepted. Pfiuuu they are saved I thought... but in fact problems were only beginning. In France, an unmarried father is an offence, and some began to put all the gear in place to punish me. As in fact nobody could do anything against me, it is on the children that the revenge would fall.

But at first I had to move in emergency from the Toulouse district I lived. At Bagatelle, «cité sensible» («sensitive» district), women nor children are not allowed outdoor, even not to play on the lawn (anyway filled with rubbish). Even men have to endure a real police control by members of fascist youngsters gangs, and I was myself once caught in a real police roadblock, organized, with guys spouting all together of the block entrances. As for the real police, they are furious to see offences going on when they have the command to do nothing. Anyway in the municipal school meals service, vegan or Muslim children just have «to eat like everybody». (Letter from Mr Jean Pierre Lloret, deputy mayor, excluding «the constrains coming from private life») How to grow children in such an hell?

After I had to regularize the situation with my children, to the family judge in Perpignan. The firs vexation was an «enquête sociale» (social inquiry) report made by a guy from Perpignan, whose legal statute is unknown. This dropout wrote a report containing several slanders (for instance my home would have been «badly kept» as in fact I was repainting it, or he inverts the statements of his own colleagues from the PJJ of Perpignan) and a mind control method against which it is really difficult to defend oneself: to impute to me other motives than mine. In the instance, after a joke of one of my children, he concludes that I try to keep them away of their mother... when, on the contrary, I had to help her in her visits to the children. Difficult to defend oneself against this, as, after an attorney such an accusation would not be a slander! Sorry, but for a Mahayana practitioner, it is. And this «inquirer» knew this, as he quote this fact in his «report». Curiously, all this muddle led to the opposite of the intended result: The mother obtained much more restricted rights that I asked for (I only refused that the children would go in the sect, and she did even not obtained a complete right of access) As said Gandalf, evil schemes often turn against themselves.

But this was only the beginning. As there was «a file», «justice» had to continue to monitor the affair, even if the problem was solved. So the file came to a children «judge», known to be «very swift»... (He is no longer in position today). He commanded a «monitoring» AEMO (guided education measure)... This measure was accomplished by an «educator» who just made some tickle tickle to my children (who were beginning to wonder if they were really liberated of the sect) and with me lengthily discussions, a kind of salvage psychoanalysis... inverted: the one who has problems who psychoanalyses the one who has not, and who find very subtle problem to explain his too normal behaviour (You understand? no, but it does not matter, you do not miss much). And of course, a «report» with incredible slanders against my children, who strongly shocked them. Of course I had to attend a «hearing» with this «educator» and the «judge», where these two persons made a real stalking session, eyes gleaming and sadistic smiles on their lips...

Revenge of the «judge», who this time granted me with an IEO (which gives more power than an AEMO, such as to ask for a psychiatrist). The new «educator» in charge of this measure starts well, showing sympathetic and understanding, finding a free holiday camp for my children (funded by the Lyons Club of Castres). But this favour quickly showed to be that of O'Brien, this especially sly manipulator that we see in «1984», and who first win the hero's trust just to more easily make him feel guilty after. Here we are with the same scenario again: this «educator» no more came to meet my children, he came to see me alone together to make true mind control sessions:

-To interpret my philosophical choices as the expression of psychological troubles; for instance the fact that I attend to a spiritual teaching centre would be the proof that «I am afraid of society» (Somebody knows where is the relation?).

-Point as problems a number of details in my life (for instance my favourite clothing colour was a real problem for him. He even show his ugly clothing as an example)

-A whole bag of lies, generally non-refutable (in the Popper's meaning)

-To send me back a very bad image of what the others were thinking about me (after him). Believing him, everybody would have be «against me» (when in reality Lavaur is a pleasant little town where integration is easy).

-It is likely that he made a huge and incredible work of denigration toward the family of my children, physicians who followed my son, and other peoples, up to an association leader who curiously looked at me after his visit...

-At last it seems that this man was an integrist atheist («Me, about religion, I am a pragmatist» (mind control method trying to show as the consequences or a logical reasoning what is only a metaphysical choice, an article of faith) and perhaps a maoist fascist: his mind control tips and their content (opposition to Buddhism) look very much like those used in Chinese concentration camps. This is really serious, but it is better if true, as if it is false, so we would have to admit that he is a stalker, a pervert, whose interpretative delirium makes him close of the paranoids.

-Again make two reports containing numerous slander (still uncheckable) and mind control tips (generally, rid me with motives other than mine)

Without giving too long details, this circus lasted one and a half years, and it also was one of the most painful moments of my life, especially when seeing the terrific consequences on my children. The way it ended seems to me, with the passing of time, rather incredible. Again an «hearing» with the same corrupt «judge», who proposes me, all smiles, to place my daughter in another family, under the pretext of very benign «hygiene problems» anyway solved since long ago. It is clear that what disturbed this «judge» was in the sexual domain, that a man could raise alone a girl... I definitively refused. The discussion was rather stormy, but he gave up, not without threatening me with «new denunciations».

Of course in this hearing, I stayed polite, while speaking in a firm tone, a thing that never misses to impress childish peoples. But the Lamrim meditations also acted... without forgetting that, with such a serious skate (the psychological unfolding of children) I did other things that the gentle Lamrim meditations.

This «judge» anyway allowed himself a last prank, stating in his final «order» that his measures did not worked because of «my belonging to Buddhism».

We can have some wonder about what happens in really serious cases, if this «judge» can be so easily impressed...

A constant behaviour of all these peoples was to repeat all their fantasms the the mother of my children, who swallowed all, and from this completely renounced to visit her children!!! Whatever the problem with this mother, I was sincerely shocked to see her brought (by mind control) to be disgusted by her own children, to the point of even not visiting them...

The consequences of this judiciary harassment were also tremendous for my children, who really suffered and had a very negative evolution during that time, rejecting all the positive values I proposed them, and going so far as to get interested into the hip-hop-punk fascism. Now that the horror has stopped, they evolve again, but I think they took about one year in late, and that they have forever lost a certain candour that even the sect had left untouched.



Those who want to keep thinking that only exotic sects or far dictatures use mind control, ought better not to read this page. They would see how, in France, country however democratic and respectuous of human rights, some French civil servants and magistrates, acting in their legal duties, can, completely unpunished, show as much manipulating, liar and dangerous than the worse sects, and this, how courageous, against children! Please that nobody tries to get around the point: I criticize here the persons who abuse of their power, not the institutions themselves.

The problem I speak about here begins to appear on the public scene. It is about certain children welfare services, of their archaism, of their cruelty. I must tell here, while accusing civil servants and magistrates, that this is a testimony, in the judiciary meaning of this word. The facts are authentic, the material facts and the psychological feeling of the protagonists as well. But the normal citizen rights, especially of defence, not being ensured in this peculiar domain, I cannot tell names: my own security, and that of my children, would not be guaranteed. It is also understandable that I do not tell the names of my children, and do not publish certain specially improper aspects of the affair, but I am ready to give all these details to any inquirer, at need under oath, and with all the evidences I possess. This page is really personal, but the problem it speaks about is the concern of thousand of families. So, in the name of all the victims, I cannot stay silent. So I speak for all the children who, screaming with distress, has seen one day one (or two) of their parents going away; I speak for all who, their brain slowly destroyed, ended to believe that one of their parents was the evil; I speak for all those who never built their personality, deprived of any love and education in casual families, or in administrative lebensborn; I speak for all those who will never speak, their very soul broken, feeling hopelessly culprit, made dumb, excluded, suicided...

The today problem of children welfare in France probably started with the Vichy government(1940-1944 war): the epoch testimonies show the great moral cruelty the war orphans had to face (confinement, depersonalization, stalking, deprivation of love, no education other than strictly school... See the movie «Jeux interdits») As in many other domains, the Liberation preferred to «forgive» and hide the problem, more than to try to solve it, in such a way that the epoch executives were still in place, rotting the institution until today.

In the 1970' I several times encountered persons, especially young women, who were «coming from the DASS» (French children and orphan welfare state service). A striking fact, very painful to observe, is that they all exhibited very visible symptoms of serious educative lacks: infantilism (like eight childen in affection, intelligence and school level), inability to love or to assume their emotions, complete absence of any professional training, and even complete absence of any knowledge of sexuality: these women were thrown into the street at 18, without even knowing the consequences of the sexual act! and of course, half of them had become pregnant from the first encountered boor (at best, those who were lucky enough not to be trapped in a brothel) without any psychological nor material mean to assume this situation. From this they were in turn «monitored» by «social workers», threatening them to withdraw their child at the least pretext... At this epoch, extreme-right small groups had their dens in... law high school! (Assas in Paris, and also in Toulouse). So it is not surprising that «magistrates» with such a «training» had absolutely no worries about human rights, and even not of right itself.

In the 2000's the debate comes into the public, and ONGs and the European Human Right Council start to point at the serious problems about the children judges in France, while associations of victims begin to grow, especially of fathers who were victims of the sexism of «judges». Many parents, especially unfairly excluded fathers, feel deprived of their children. But we should not confuse the issues: It is not the parents who need their children, but the children who need their TWO parents. In such conditions, the only and unique victims of a discrimination on any of the two parents are the children. Taken as hostages, offered in sacrifice to ideologies and corporatist interests far beyond their life, crushed into administrative gears run by insensitive individual living far away of reality...



The fact that «civil servants» and «magistrates» can so much pervert their duty and use it for personal purposes (repression and inquisition against philosophical views different of theirs, see very common racism and gender discrimination) already arises a serious problem. But it is still personal problems, about only the individuals who create them. The French law is intended to punish all these corrupted practices: defamation, intimidation, discrimination as a function of gender or of philosophical choices, falsification of judiciary documents, false testimony, abuse of power, abuse of authority on children by persons having a teaching role, see a judiciary power... for you and me, play with this would lead us straight in jail.

But the problem takes a much larger scale when we undertake to denounce it. We soon note that the whole system of children protection behaves in a vicious way:

I do not think that we must globally reform the children protection system, in France; but it is quite clear that we are here in a situation where perverts regularly and massively use the law and institution as chains to torture at ease their (young) victims. And that they do this with the complicity of a majority who refuses to live into reality. So, what looks to me of the utmost importance, to avoid such a situation, is that magistrates, inquirers and teachers must be recruited on criteria such as their honesty, ideological neutrality, psychological maturity (to have mastered ordinary neurosis, TO HAVE COMPLETED THEIR OWN PSYCHOLOGICAL ANALYSIS.) As we do with airliner pilots. And that, in a domain which is never exact, they must undergo a constant monitoring (psychological examination at taking-on, statistical monitoring, real appeal for the victims of abuses, liability, punishment and dismissal for offenders...)

It is also quite clear that a vague notion such as «the interest of the child» must be much more clearly defined, in order not to give rise to fanciful personal interpretations. The child needs hygiene and school, admittedly, but he also, and especially, needs LOVE, and social recognition. He needs to be happy in a STABLE way with his TWO parents, and also to have a cultural, spiritual... identity. He especially badly needs that all those who find these notions «hardly defined» or «irrational» must not have no more involvement in children welfare services than to sweep the offices.

A very common feature that I observed at last in two départements is that the inquiry methods (French) are completely fanciful. The reports I possess are very clearly stalking texts. One of the more common fault is of course the lie, even coarse. If the victim tries to refute these lies, they are so numerous that this gives the feeling that it is the victim who exaggerates or is paranoid. These lies are often no-refutable, and even when they are, they are not judiciary refutable: you have to archive during years evidences and testimonies... which will be returned to you in a block with the conclusion that you exceedingly love procedures. The second more common fault is psychological interpretation: all what you say come from a problem you have: jealousy, paranoia, desire of revenge, mental rigidity.... At last the third fault, also constant, in most cases I witnessed, the inquirers or report writers from the beginning clearly took side for one of the protagonists of the case (what is already a great professional misdemeanour, and anyway a clear aggression against the child). Then they do only to interpret the elements they find, selecting and magnifying what support their thesis, «forgetting» or distorting what goes against. If a statement disturbs their thesis, it is written «X pretend that...» but if another statement reinforce this thesis, you read «the fact is that...». We lose grip on the very notion of reality, we live in a world of malicious gossip transformed in facts, of suppositions raised to the rank of certitudes. Also, it seems in many cases, that these peoples has a very simplistic conception of life, similar to what we see in idiotic TV series: An abandoned spouse «takes revenge», the parents «want» their child, we «belong» to a religion, if we are «not like everybody» it is because we have «a problem» and all this kind of things... If the «inquirer» take side for the accuser, this accuser is «realistic» and the defender «culprit». If the «inquirer» takes side for the defender, it is the accuser who will be «paranoid.» and the defender «persecuted»...

But the most indecent in this is the perverse use made of the children's words. A child has his own sufferings and doubts to express, and also his joys and hopes. Often he is serious, sometimes he jokes, other times he confabulates or he repeats what he has heard. What does all this becomes after passing through the pervert vegetable mill? At first no matter if what the child says is true or not: if «what the child says» goes in the way the «inquirer» wants, thus it is «revealing». It it goes against, it is «confabulation». If the child charges you (even a joke, a trifle) it is accepted against you; if he speaks in favour of you, it is that you manipulated him. It is exactly as with the inquisition: whatever you do, whatever you say, it goes against you. As for the child, anyway his real demand will be always ignored.

It is clear that we are here in the domain of the most banal and most characterized perversity, the one Marie France Hirigoyen describes all along her book.

The objective inquiry methods are however well known, in the judiciary police or gendarmerie (French military corps assuming a police role in countryside and small towns) or in science. The eventual adaptations in the «psychology» domain are also known in psychology, and what I say about this in my «General Epistemology» book should end up any quibbling over the subject.

As for the «secret file» and other methods from before 1789, my opinion is that it places us in the same situation than the Vichy (French «government» during the nazi occupation) laws which compelled us to denounce Jews: this law is simply null and void, and it is those who obey it who commit an offence. As for myself, I place them all into the same bin than those who obeyed the anti-Jews laws. (To note that I saw a Castres judge not accounting with this file, probably knowing in what extend its content is rotten) (To note that, in certain cases, for instance children denouncing their parents, it must be possible to decide to protect them by secrecy. But it is with this as for the medical secrecy: it must not be used to hide professional misdemeanours)

Some may think that I am «against» the children welfare services, or «against» the justice. Sorry, but in fact this page was a psychology test: if you think this, that means that you did not passed this test: you suffer of a dualistic mind. Quite on the contrary, I think that children welfare services are very useful, and that they even should intervene more often, or more firmly... advisedly. The only fact that I criticize is that these institutions may be used as instruments by perverts, by ideological «re-educators» or by imbeciles. There anyway exist in these institutions great stature characters (some children judges wrote very interesting books) and I especially wish to congratulate:



I cannot end this page without mentioning a problem closely relating the previous: family separations. It is understandable that peoples who are no longer happy together get separated, but in this case they still have to assume what they began together: their children. We cannot divorce of our children, as they have a VITAL NEED of loving parents. Of their TWO parents. So it exists couples who part away like this, but who continue to raise together their children, trying to bring them all what they need despite distance and alternating custody.

The problem here is that, in some cases, and even in many cases, the persons in such a situation do not know to manage this situation. So the children become hostages, bargaining counters. (For instance in my case, to forbid me to meet them, in such a way that, to obtain a right of access, I had to go in court, where a demand for an alimony awaited me...) Even in some cases, to make them suffer or break their unfolding becomes a blackmail method or a revenge against the rejected spouse (as one cannot reach him directly). We fall here in forms of perversity such as denounced by Marie France Hirigoyen in her book, and which take an especially abject form when a mother destroys her own child. The victims here are, of course, always the children, who are always victim of any injury to any of their two parents.

As these situations are more and more common, we cannot stay with the court as the only answer (in most cases it is just one more weapon in the hand of the perverts, and it anyway does not have the power to bring real solutions to the substance, the heart of the cases). So I think that any honest person, from right wing to extreme-left wing, traditional or progressist, atheist or from any religion, can only subscribe to the following emergency steps:

1) The interest of the child is to enjoy material and psychological conditions favouring the development of all the aspects of his personality, physical, emotional, intellectual, moral, spiritual. These conditions include the LOVE of his TWO parents, whatever they are his genetic parents or any other substitute: his love parents. These conditions include the tenderness of BREAST FEEDING, a gentle and harmonious atmosphere, and an incitement to bring a positive participation to the group and the society. They must also include whatever the parents have to bring in positive in the cultural, social, philosophical or spiritual domains. These notions are known since prehistory, and those who find them «ununderstandable» or «hardly defined» must be excluded of any activity concerning childhood.

2) Any couple intending to have children should benefit of a psychological and educational training.

3) Any family where a problem appears must enjoy a psychological counselling, aiming at maintaining conditions favouring the interest of the children.

4) If the problem gets too hard to be solved, so any procedure, judiciary or other, must keep for first purpose to safeguard the interest of the child before anything else. Authoritarian measures must be considered if and only if this interest is seriously compromised, and only with the purpose of protecting this interest. The child is not the property of the parents, but their responsibility.

5) Any person who creates nasty material or psychological conditions toward her spouse or children (included while denigrating the other parent) must be considered at fault, and at need be deprived of her parental rights and punished.

6) If a child is temporarily deprived of one or two of his parents, so he must enjoy a stable and loving spare family.

7) If this deprivation of parents is definitive or does not have any predictable end, so adoption is imperative. This practice must no more be discouraged, especially when there are many children awaiting for an adoption family. There are no «non-adoptable» children. There are no such things as «blood law» nor «genetic link» which would justify ill-treatments like affective deprivation, on a child separated from his genetic parents.

8) The lebensborn («orphanages» or «centres» sequestrating children in situation of affective deprivation, without education nor social life) must be closed. Torture (to frequently change of family, to stalk) blackmail (normative delirium, inquisition, repressive «psychiatry») psychological mutilations (from lack of real education) and hijackings (abusive withdrawal) must be abolished, and the culprits punished. The laws for this exist.

9) The certification of potential reception families or adoptive families must not be conditioned by ideological criteria, such as excluding vegans of adepts of a religion. On the contrary each children must find a suitable environment. Peoples who find «questionable» the fact that we could be vegan or religious must be excluded of any activity concerning children protection.

10) The authoritarian decisions eventually necessary to safeguard the interest of the children must be entrusted to magistrates (children judge and family affair judge) who comply to the general principles of republican law and of human rights (no secret unverifiable files, real defence, realistic appeal and liable in case of abuse)

11) The inquiry methods has to be rational (methods used by the police or in sciences). The psychological or emotional aspects can also be understood with already known scientific methods (psychology, psychometry), by the normal human sensitivity (hearing, a thing which has to be done without prejudice nor ideological a priori) or by new methods allowing a rational approach in the domain of the mind (see my book «General Epistemology»).

12) Magistrates, civil servants, teachers, educators, inquirers, etc... are selected on their honesty, elementary human sensitivity, political, social or religious neutrality, and controlled (psychological examinations, quality assessment, statistics of results) and responsible (realistic appeal for victims of abuse, legal punishment and laying-off in case of abuse). All these measures has to be accomplished by psychologically healthy peoples, as if we do again the same mistake of entrusting again these new measures to perverts, idiots or ideologists, so it is useless to make so much efforts: we could only worsen the situation. We know only too much what certain persons mean with «psychological monitoring»...


The french Outreau scandal:
Af if they heeded me...


The french Outreau case was a major scandal, that we could compare to the Dreyfus case, and which considerably lowered the repute of the french justice and children welfare services.


(Added on July 30, 2008)



In december 2000 I sent to the justice ministry a letter describing what took place in my case(with the names). Of course, I got no reply. But this letter (among many others) had at least one result: justice was aware that a scandal like Outreau was perfectly possible.

To well understand the Outreau scandal, it must be compared to the Allègre case: starting 2004, some small gangsters of Toulouse, caught for a sordid murder, take revenge with flooding with rubish and slander the most well known notable of toulouse: Dominique Baudis. An inquiry takes place, which soon exempts sir Baudis. the gangsters earned only one more charge in the bargain.

The Outreau case is very similar: small children fiddlers were nabbed, and to take revenge they also accused all the neighbourhood. But after came astonishing differences:

This Outreau scandal arises, much more than my small affair, the problem of the impunity of magistrates and the competence of some «specialistes», who provoked much more suffering than the one they claimed to protect the protect the children. And if we do nothing, there wil be many other Outreau, small or large, and many other innocent people accused and broken children.


The «inquiry methodsraquo; of some «specialists» arise very serious problems. In the United States, where took place incredible cases, such the one of Bobby Fijnje (A 14 youngster accussed by a whole district of sex-cannibal rituals while flying through the window in company of witches), Grant Snowden, Ileana Fuster, the Orwellian methods to obtain false «testimonies» are described by the Dr Stephen Ceci. They are really stunning:

We can only shiver to the psychological consequenceson such abused children, who no more know what is truth or lie. Or whom first love experience was a sadistic game where sex is presented like the ultimate evil... THE PEOPLE WHO DO THIS ARE DANGEROUS SADICS. They are NEW INQUISITORS, they are ANOTHER KIND OF PAEDOPHILIACS.



Sect: any group or organization which proposes false spiritual or psychological practices, or which has purposes out of moral principles. Who speaks about sect speaks about mind control. But why are these mind control techniques so difficult to show? Because they are not used only in the sects: most are very well known and a very common use, even by peoples who claim to be «into the society». Thus, if we want to denounce sects, perhaps it is better to first sweep our own doorstep... It is what I do in this page. I speak of mind control in my book «General Epistemology» chapter 63. See the link page on mind control


Marie France Hirigoyen, psychiatist and specialist of the victims, wrote a very interesting book, about how to twart daily mind control harassment: « Stalking the soul». This book describes how certain persons(called narcissic perverts) can, using only psychologicl methods, harass us and destroy us slowly, so far as breaking families or suicide. Using the theories of this book, my testimony on this page shows how such kind of perverts can divert their institutionnal role and harass children in place of helping them, using the law only as a mean for their pervert personnal purpose. See the link page on mind control


TheLamrim is the basis of the Tibetan Buddhist path: the graduated path toward awakening, the progressive approach, starting from the simplest correct motive. What I precisely speak about here is what I call the «spiritual Judo»: the efficient way to react to sufferings we encouter in life. Heyhey, that works very well! See the link page on Tibetan Buddhism